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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 8/13/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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  1. The Keys are my favorite place on Earth. It's like stepping back in time. Everything moves slower and is so beautiful.

  2. Love to see an earlier upload from you, I normally stay up late to watch your update before I sleep ? appreciated your content as usual ???

  3. In the time I've been watching your updates I've learned a ton. I can finally follow along and feel somewhat confident watching the charts and even having a few winning trades.

    I love the sober objectivity you bring to this space. You've helped me stop worrying about some mythical bull run right around the corner and focus on the charts and what i can do to protect my stack and even make a few gains.

    Should some huge run come eventually i feel like i know more than i did back in November,and so i will be able to make smarter decisions with my trades. Thanks Dan.

  4. I smell alt coin capitulation

  5. why are you on coinbase ?

  6. Bought another thousand dollars worth of bitcoin a couple days ago for my long term stash. If it drops below 5500 I have 25k of silver that I'll move to bitcoin.

  7. Dan's not a permabull. His TA is not trying to convince anyone to be bullish or bearish. He's presenting the charts as he sees them and I trust his insights. What I question is why play countertrend dips when the shorting opportunities are as good as any you will find? His countertrend strategy is both high risk and as he has stated in this video low reward. If you are trading this market why wouldn't you take the highest probability setups for this market…especially when you just made a video pointing it out? We've seen ETH dip more than 30% since the 1st of Aug. I would guess the shorting opportunity in that timeframe has been as good if not greater than most bullish opportunities in other markets. Shorting is a different mindset. Some people don't like shorting and choose not to use that strategy for a host of valid reasons. If Dan has a bias against shorting markets he should just say, "I don't like shorting markets, it's not a strategy I use". Otherwise, I call into question why he's demonstrating to his audience how he actively trades a less profitable strategy in the current downtrend.

  8. just to correct you….there are three types of traders here…..high risk/high reward traders, patient bulls and bears who are coining it at the moment……cheers for the update!

    is there a reason you stick to coinbase exclusively? i'd peg you for a bitfinex type of trader……. keep eyes for quoines Liquid platform which will be launching soon (been soon since april)….. it should have all the features you're looking for as a professional trader AND its backbone is something called the world book which will bing much needed liquidity into the space.

  9. Hey Dan, Love your content! I tried to join your membership community but it wouldn't let me. I have tried it couple of times in the last week and unable to register. Can you please help?

    I want to take your course but also want to be part of a community as that is the best way to learn for my. Thanks

  10. Bitcoin is manipulated.
    And IT is still bubble.
    Look at ethereum, now you See the Manipulation to keep price above 6k.
    People with lot of coins or Money can Just Marke the Tiny different if a price break a Res or not.
    Yesterday 22 Like you mentipned a higher high, But with in one Minute price went up and broke down without reason in 1 minute

  11. i like how you end your videos with goats, chickens, slugs….

  12. That last clip of the ocean was the most peaceful but terrifying scene ever!

  13. I always enjoy just getting the facts here and with no song and dance. Thank you for all of your work putting this channel and these videos together for us. Have a great day.

  14. Every day you have every trade spot on with never any mistake made. You say you do not do this for a living otherwise you'd also short, yet every day you did see every single move and acted accordingly at that very second. It is as if you never make any mistake in trading at all. All of this while you are actually snorkeling at 'The Keys' … Hmm.

    Admitted you teach a lot of techicals out to the open for free. But every day snorkeling and every day timing every move to the very second … Hmm.

  15. Thank you for helping others that can not help themselves. I agree if your asking for food and not money. Also thank you for your videos on BTC.

  16. Thanks for the update Dan. Really appreciate your daily efforts!

  17. Homeless ppl asking for food with all that free chicken runnin' around? lol. The irony.
    Thanks for your time, Dan.

  18. Eth in the slaughter house… I'll buy a few in the low 200s maybe.. alts so risky.. think I'll stick to bitcoin

  19. And still the 'Hoffman Line' holds……..$6000 – $100 billion market cap preferred by large institutions! How many days before possible short squeeze? Squeaky Bum time for the 'short sellers'?

  20. Look around Dan there are no squirrels in key west only chickens. Lol

  21. All coins are going to the gutter. Everyone is selling off their alts and bitcoins.

  22. i feel sad :'( when you say "locking my profit" 😉

  23. If you think the stock market is the place to trade right now, you should make videos about it!

  24. I don’t even look at daily, weekly, or even monthly crypto charts anymore. Just look at the yearly and it will tell you all you need to know. I’ve been predicting the market will test $200 Billion in market cap for most of the year, and everyone said I was crazy. They even swore at me and called me names. The total market cap is $200,309,799,687 as I write this. I think we are going lower. Much, much lower. Crypto is dead for now, and might be dead for another one to two years. I don’t ever see BTC over $20K ever again.

  25. is ETH dead? whats all this about the mining costs no longer worth it to mine?

  26. Georgous place you live in. Thank you for the video.

  27. This is way it's to master the fundamentals of technical analysis. #JakeHunter88 when one market fails… you can just trade in another. Cryptos > Stock Market < Forex.

  28. If you didn’t get a little nervous in this drop, you have ice water for blood!!! Hourly rsi @6.5 for ETH!!!!

  29. whats are some stocks that you like to trade as of late? and what platform do you use to trade on? thanks!

  30. Man u r good at calling the shots! ???

  31. Great video chart man dan. Also love the way you give us some time into your life and what you and the chart guys like to do. Keep rocking man!!

  32. Chickeeeeens!!! They're so cute, like little dinosaurs

  33. Love all the videos especially the ends. Get a metal detector and check ocean floor for Spanish Gold coins!! ?

  34. Hi Dan. I notice that you say there is some kind of support level while often the low has only touched this level once. I thought you could only say its support if it has hit at least (2-) 3 times so you can connect a horizontal line to these touches.

  35. Bullish on baby chickens!