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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH EOS ETC Technical Analysis Chart 8/8/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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  1. The daily volume doesn't stand out as much as you emphasize – at least on Binance, Bitfinex and even Coinbase – there were many days like that not just April…. and if you look at Binance or Bitfinex, the volume of the last 4 hour leg down is comparable to the previous legs in the August dropdown… it only stands out on Coinbase, but not @ Binance and Bitfinex…

  2. Love your videos, keep up the good work!

  3. News what news ? Did United States ban all cryptos or was Bitcoin hacked? Or did the ETF get postponed a month lol what a joke

  4. Where do you short BTC and Alts?

  5. Thanks Dan, I love the deer at the end they are so beautiful ?

  6. 8 months into this. Lower high. Lower high. Lower high. Unlike 2014 there is no real reason today. If there is anything that is making me consider a long-term pessimistic Viewpoint it is that. Low flows of new Fiat and lots of money exiting

  7. Thanks Dan, I'm going to go out and do some good things.

  8. I'm comfortable shorting. My whole life has been a bearish move. I'm just not comfortable shorting on kraken, bitmex, or the futures market.

    It occurred to me again that there's a decreasing amount of people who have a reason to buy these things. I mean, people used to have to buy bitcoin to buy other coins. That's not really the case anymore. The only reason anybody has to buy ETH is to get into ERC20 ICO's. That has been fading because of the prevalence of scams and rise in regulatory scrutiny.

    But, miners must sell coins to pay the electric bill, data center, staff, etc. Companies that received ETH for their ICO must sell their coins to pay salaries, development costs, lambos, Puerto Rico moving bills, coin life tattoos, etc. Miners with a big investment in equipment must hedge short in the futures or spot market to protect their investment, but nobody really has to buy this shit. At the very least there's a systemic asymmetry in supply and demand. The bulk of the supply was either given to them for nothing(ICO's, founders), or they manufactured it. The fact it had been going up and doesn't cost anything to store makes it an anomaly for a manufactured product. Otherwise they would have been dumping every day since day 1.

  9. Nice, Are those whitetails? Videos are great!

  10. That was one of your better classes! Thank you!

  11. What does it mean “shorts to cover”

  12. Awesome info, thanks again! Best crypto trading vids on YouTube!

  13. Can you please turn up your mic volume when you do these vidoes? Continue to do good things.

  14. Thanks for the update Dan 🙂

  15. Told ya 6.1- 6.2k. Buy! Buy! Buy! ?

  16. Your up to 90k subs. I remember a fews ago you had around 10k. Males since your attracting more subs. Great content!

  17. True story – where I used to live we had a lot of deer. My stepdad tried to grow a few pot plants every year, but the deer would always eat them.

  18. People are not reacting to the ETF delay news; they are reacting to the rumor of Bitcoin dropping below $5K

  19. I'm to the point now where as soon as I see your video post, I open up trading view, grab a pencil and paper and analyze the btc chart….looking at the exponential resistances…volume…RSI…lower or higher highs…lower or higher lows…writing down my findings, then watching your videos to see how well I did. It's fantastic!
    Thank you for your content, Dan. By far the best info on youtube. Seriously addicted fan here :))

  20. Why u have a cloth on ur back? are in iraq or syria?

  21. These guys predicted it would not be good to hold back in late July. Spot on 😉

  22. Dan, I guess to see the shorts you need the most premium account? I mean to see BTCUSDSHC?

  23. Yes the big whales are dumping btc to accumulate more

  24. Goodmorning Dan, my analysis for bitcoin for this morning 9/8/18. I am seeing the trade going to resistance and then short to support and then wait for it to go long. I am not sure it will break resistance, but the bulls are still weak.

  25. No more drops, bitcoin will grow to 9300

  26. Hi Dan, Could you comment about this tweet of Peter Brandt in your next video ? ) I am a holder (and I watch your video daily don't ask me why) and it's really interesting for me to hear what would you think ?

  27. No offence, yt talk about bounce and bullish signs since 7500, we had one sideway price with Bulle not able to break, testing Low 1 to 3 times before a drop of 200 to 400.
    I Was short Ing since 7500.

  28. I am bullish here for a bounce to 7.2k because we are due (RSI levels) and because suddenly EVERYONE is a bear.

  29. I dont share your interest in ETH, arent like 70% of ethereum tokens still held in presale wallets? You can't even really run a full node without a specialized set up at this point, as dapps and icos are flooding the chain.. It's giving XRP a run for it's money in terms of least realistic valuation, Eth is a perma short.

  30. doesn't the 4 hour on bitcoin like a head and shoulders, with the right shoulder showing consolidation around 6.2-6.3k?

  31. I've been watching your videos for months now. Just wanted to say thank you.
    I'm still horrible at this, but much better than I was.
    Love the deer video.