Wednesday , December 12 2018
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Bitcoin Ethereum Binance BCH Technical Analysis Chart 8/4/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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  1. Recorded just after 6 PM Eastern

  2. Hey dan great analysis as always . Maybe instead of giving the homeless guy money, give him some crypto and teach him to trade and use charts 🙂 that old saying comes to mind ' give a guy a fish and he can feed his family for a day , but give him a fishing rod and teach him how to fish and he can feed his family for life " and maybe sell a few also 🙂 haha

  3. Pump up and pump down regardless it's just all manipulation. This market will put hair on your chest lol.

  4. Thanks for another great update. I have a Youtube Channel where I post daily bitcoin technical analysis updates. Always great to stay up to date with other creators such as yourself. Keep up the hardwork!

  5. If Renee has his stuff together, get him a start in crypto trading as a lifeline 🙂

  6. I question how much money is really flowing into the market. We have had nothing but excellent news and weak charts. Starting to think a ton of people just gave up on crypto

  7. Dan you are absolutely the best analyst on YouTube. Super humble always professional always on point sayin and doin good things! I’ve been watching you for almost a year (amongst others) I have learned a lot. Thank you.

  8. Great clip as always! Clear TA, wonderful stories!

  9. Only gambling nothing more

  10. Thank you for making it easy to understand whats happenning.


  12. cheers as always , your time is appreciated mate

  13. Hey man, thanks for providing so much value for free. We don't deserve you.

  14. So a 4 hour exponential resistance broken on back test of 7415 would be an indicator that a bear break is coming and I could sell and buy back lower? Is that basically what’s happening? I’m a newbie.

  15. Crypto-Jesus, I did something human yesterday. I was eating a baked potato at my favourite potato place. It was nice to be in the sun. An old man was past. He looked poor, but not homeless. I asked him if he was hungry and he said "yes". I told him to order anything he wanted. We ate lunch together. Turns out he used to be a yoga teacher – a teacher of instructors. Really nice guy.

  16. Hi Dan, do you expect a daily EQ or how likely is it still? And what could be the higher low?

  17. always great analysis, but even better stories!! keep up the positive living

  18. thanks man the end advice was really meaningfull

  19. From a trader mind set you would have had to know that this last bounce cycle was just that a bounce down

  20. My guard Rooster rapes all his girls everyday. He calls them over pretending his found a worm or grub saying look look, then he grabs the hen on the back of her neck and does his thing. The smart hens just assume the position.

  21. rooster looks like a new hampshire red I used to have!

  22. The fact that you can say "congrats to the bears" shows just how impartial you are. We should all strive to get to this mindset.

  23. Dude, I was at that same Tenacious D show at Roo!

  24. Hope you had a nice masage, Dan. I have buy orders for the bounce at around 25 RSI for both BTC and ETH and sale orders at exponential resistances. In the April bounces, BTC surged 25% and ETH 120%. I am truly puzzled the NYSE news did not trigger a rally but maybe that shows that the big guys are keen to get cryptos even cheaper before the bull market returns in September, fueled by trader enthusiasm after the summer lull. I don't think the ETF will be approved so another leg down and maybe up in September for year-end crypto frapuccinos? Amen.

  25. Oh and by the way. We won’t see another bitcoin spike until 2020 April. Aprx $50k.

    Until then it will teeter totter between lows of $5k and highs of $25k.

    Be patient. You’re calculated? Good. That’s why you got into bitcoin in the first place. Now wait.

    If patience’s is not your virtue then Bitcoin is not for you.

  26. I am selling EthereumChunk .com Domain Name! It is descriptive and very easy to remember! Contact:

  27. Ha! The long hair story reminds me of this! 🙂 By the way, I saw The Who in Cleveland ('91?), and was thinking the obvious … if Renee, the homeless dude, takes you up on your offer, maybe you could teach him trading as he's also looking for a "regular" job. Anyway 🙂 …

  28. Good story as always. If you're ever in Thailand hit me up.

  29. Change your backdrop , lol, looks bad , like rv bad