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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BNB Technical Analysis Chart 7/31/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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  1. That beer "O" face was priceless!

  2. what % of your account do you use to scale in for OS bounces? do you use a stop in those cases?

  3. You reminded me of one of my own trips when I had cold showers for weeks, amazing how you can get used to it but when you have a warm shower, oh wow! Really respect your views on life and of course charts!! Thanks again!!!

  4. Where are all the g damn bull flags!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nice video at the end of your past trips with your friends! The hair length looked good too! Also Stella is pretty good.

  6. I'm going to give the 3 people that disliked this video the benefit of the doubt that they accidentally pressed the dislike button while scrolling…

  7. Hey Dan, how can we have RSI and Boll based buy/sell orders on binance. Or do you suggest moving to another platform?

  8. Can't agree more about your perspective on water Dan. I'm so appreciative of having clean water available on demand and I try to never take it for granted.

  9. Good stuff boys “thatlldoo”. It’s always the small things in life we tend to cherish the most.

  10. do you guys think that the Futures market is a good market for beginners? say the E-mini S&P 500?

  11. daaaan i think i appreciated that car face more than the beer face 😀 . great perspective and message as always. appreciate ya brother.

  12. Thanks for sharing the first beer vid Dan….I felt the joy!

  13. i love your channel mate!!!

  14. Stella is an excellent choice! I like the Japanese and Mexican beers too … Sapporo … Sol. Best had with sushi or Al Pastor tacos. And not to be a drip … but there are literally billions on the planet currently who don't know what a warm shower is. Excellent work, Dan! Learned a shit-ton from you already! Let it continue!

  15. You must be rich to trade 10 BTC for fun

  16. I feel ya. When I was 14 my dad, mom, siblings and I built a cabin in the Black Hills SD using hand tools. We had no running water or electricity. We'd live there sometimes up to 6 months out of the year. And when we'd go back to living in our more modern house on the other side of the state I remember how strange it was to flip on a light switch or see a TV as if seeing it for the first time. I actually enjoyed the simpler life. That freedom has stuck with me throughout adulthood as a foundation for life. Great video. Keep up the good work.

  17. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I am taking to heart, " sticking to the plan ".

  18. You are a Sherpa among traders.

  19. Awesomeness, except for my last Dogecoin trade, not awesome at all. Keep it up!

  20. the ending of your videos just keep getting better and better

  21. Dan so good at mentoring cryto jerks like us

  22. Btc is down because stupid people think it will go up. Smart people hype up btc so stupid people can sell their alts to chase btc gains. But then the smart people dump btc on their head to bring down the entire market. Smart people want to kill off crypto market and this is such an easy way to do it

  23. Trading crypto to oblivion…
    Someone said how fun is to trade 'imaginary' assets and making profits on the real World…
    Most cryptos are not video game tokens, but they have innovative solutions to real World problems… instead of supporting that we are stacking in stocks of social media and fake companies or gold, that once is in a vault is total useless.
    So yea… short, trade, sell high or low, make a mockery of this industry, if dies we can always buy peanuts…

  24. Hey Dan. You're being the face of a financial community is refreshing. It's similar to Bitcoin…is what the world needs 😉 And the level of details of your own trades and mindset are unique. Have a great day!

  25. Hey Dan, I received email communication from ChartGuys today and exchanged a few of them. You would know if it was you . Nowadays emails can't be trusted just by ID. Pls confirm.

  26. higher low lower high lower high higher low higher low lower high lower high higher low higher low lower high lower high higher low

  27. Totally agree with you that we take way too many things for granted. A great reminder ☮️?❤️

  28. your video is really awsome and profitable for others fate.

  29. due to the market issues the price will not raise instantly but definetly it will raise till end of the year.