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Ethereum Q&A: Why I’m writing ‘Mastering Ethereum’

Why are you writing ‘Mastering Ethereum’? What’s the scope of the e book? Are you continue to inquisitive about Bitcoin?

I’m within the utility of programmable blockchains to consensus networks that use a digital machine to resolve the state of sensible contracts. This is applicable to ETH, ETC, Rootstock, and different sensible contract-focused blockchains. These methods will most likely not have the sturdy financial coverage, safety, decentralisation, or scalability of Bitcoin, however they do open up extra potential for analysis and innovation within the space of sensible contracts. I cannot restrict my studying or mental curiosity with the intention to fulfill a religious-like litmus check. Remember who the true enemies are: the totalitarian, fascist, crony, centralised banking methods that trigger huge injury to the world.

These questions are from the June month-to-month Patreon Q&A session, which came about on June 24th 2018. If you would like early-access to talks and an opportunity to take part within the month-to-month dwell Q&As with Andreas, change into a patron:

The Lion and the Shark: Divergent Evolution in Cryptocurrency –
Investing in Training as a substitute of Hypothesis –
Ethereum, ICOs, and Rocket Science –
Slush17 Panel: Farewell to Centralised Information –
Blockchain vs. Bullshit: Ideas On The Way forward for Cash –
Sensible contract platforms –
Affect of sensible contracts on legislation and accounting –
Altcoins and specialisation –
Ether, ICOs, and securities –
Unstoppable code –
Airdrop cash and privateness implications –
Preliminary coin choices (ICOs) –
The token ICO explosion –
ICOs and accountable funding –
ICOs and monetary regulation –
ICOs, disruption, and self-regulation –
Scams, playing, and regulation –
ICOs and pyramid schemes –
Directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) and IOTA –
Scaling and “Satoshi’s imaginative and prescient” –
“Blockchain, not Bitcoin ” –
Reflections on the final 5 years –

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has change into one of the well-known and revered figures in bitcoin.

Observe on Twitter: @aantonop
Web site:

He’s the creator of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” printed by O’Reilly Media and thought of the very best technical information to bitcoin; “The Web of Cash,” a e book about why bitcoin issues.





Translations of MASTERING BITCOIN:

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  1. Mastering Smart Contracts would be a better title for the book if it wasnt about ethereum but platforms around SM…

  2. So then naming the book "Mastering Ethereum" is just a marketing ploy? smh…….

  3. Its not about being "loyal" . You publicly bash many qualities that Ethereum has…….. You contradict yourself!!!!

  4. Well.. here r some answers to a bitcoinmaximalist…
    I want to hear what tone vays, jimmy song, jiacomo, saifedean- what they have to say …

    Its Amazing to have chance to follow all of them. 10nx

  5. I fucking love this guy.

  6. Liked the video, not sure about liking/disliking ETH, maybe someday. Let them innovate.

  7. Please, make a video about Hashgraph and it's possible superior technology as a better distributed ledger than blockchain. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for keeping your great mind open! Much love from Switzerland

  9. I have yet to see how smart contracts are useful (yet alone a decentralized solution) to any problem whatsoever, while needing an oracle. A much more efficient central database with no blockchain needed seems a much more logical solution. I'm open to change my mind, but nobody has done this yet.

  10. Stay safe Andreas, if i was rotshild/HSBC/JPMorgan/GoldmanSachs i'd be hating on you (like i'd hate on satoshi&vitalik)!

  11. Hahahaha maximalists in disbelief, excellent

  12. Staying Curious will make one Impartial, and thus your advise will be even more valuable. Thank you for being here for us.

  13. Ok fine, but if u come out with a mastering bcash book next year we will have a big problem

  14. Your grasp on the details and the bigger is impressive. Thanks. Bitcoin religion…nice one lol

  15. I can't believe he had to make this video. Saw a lot of people giving him shit about it. The guy has provided free content for years. I really don't understand what everyone is complaining about.

  16. Zilliqa should be a favorite. Once you do you'll soon find out they are one of the best.

  17. Being a Bitcoin Maximalist is being narrow minded
    Change my mind

  18. Hi Andreas, once again great video, your words actually saying to me to contact you about using that technology to overcome this corrupt system.

  19. I agree with your point about the real enemy.

  20. Are you interested in Skycoin?

  21. The blockchain has unlimited potential, Just look at things like P3D and its wealth and ecosystem it is creating, Ethereum is so much fast than Bitcoin also

  22. This is what separates Andreas from most of the "common thinkers".

  23. Andreas sir, I have read your books and much respect. I got on Twitter to follow you and few other people, but you blocked me bc a comment on the coinbase-wikileaks situation. I was only trying to help. Please unblock me on Twitter ? @rlharwoodthwake

  24. This is such a breathe of fresh air to hear from you Andreas. I've been worried that you'd converted to the religion of the BTC maximalist. Loved reading 'Mastering Bitcoin' — I'm very excited to read 'Mastering Ethereum'!!!

  25. What defines a shitcoin? Is Cardano a shitcoin?

  26. You deserve all the respect and admiration, my man. Thanks for Mastering Bitcoin and soon enough Mastering Ethereum. Can’t wait!

  27. dont forget to analyse Qubic from IOTA

  28. you forgot to add one into the list of true enemies.. right next to fascism please add socialism

  29. its all about that EthereumClassic…its truly decentralized #ClassicIsComing

  30. When will your book be available? Will buy immediately. Thank you for all you do for us, AA.

  31. Andreas! We cannot lose a High Priest of the Crypto Monks to the Heretics. As a proud member of the Chapter of the Maximalists, please come back fight for the Imperium !!

  32. Thanks Andreas. No cultists here. Just here to expand our minds

  33. Cheers to all BTC maximalists like Tone Vays: You are religion idiots.

  34. Andreas you said you have had a background in finance in London which is a hub for the banksters and royal tyranny. Please tell us how you came to switch sides?

  35. Is holding private keys cold possible? It's not simple, safe, or cheap. This is a problem for crypto

  36. I was sold on etherium.. And it's being used. Used to short crypto for fiat mostly but it's disruptive and thats good news regardless of the misleading usd amount which has dropped about 80% since January 2017. I see etherium making a big comeback and surpassing bitcoin eventually and possibly replacing bitcoin in 10 or 15 years

  37. I dont like the Satanic Pentagramm on the ETH Website and that Augur is running on that. Predict to Kill anybody, wow this is really the better solution for this staged World AA.