Monday , June 17 2019
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How High Could Bitcoin and Ethereum Climb in 2018? (CryptoCurrency BTC and ETH Price)

How excessive may Bitcoin and Ethereum go in 2018? CryptoCurrency value predictions for BTC and ETH!
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  1. What happened to your Pundi X?

  2. Plain and simple, institutional and the rich never let a new investment vehicle go to waste

  3. I think BItcoin will be about 17k and I really hope Ethereum reaches 1k

  4. I challenge you to watch this video is 2 times speed. mind blown…

  5. This guy is just playing it safe and thats a shame. If companies like Blackrock invest we might see a marketcap increase to 1 trillion easy. With its current dominance we are looking at a 30k bitcoin. And if you ask me, current dominance of bitcoin is because people expecting this outbreak of bitcoin. Altcoins and even ethereum will then see some money moving from bitcoin. Returning to 30ish percent dominance that would be a correction to around 20k bitcoin. And that is still playing it safe….

  6. Zach you are the same Muppet who only last week said Btc would slide down slowly in the next 12 months and Eth would be 1st position. OMG YOU FUCKING KNOB

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  8. BTC- 11000
    Etherium- 650

  9. Crazy jackpot game on ethereum platform! – They are giving 10 ETH jackpot!

  10. Lol btc will not even hit 10k this year and that's a fact watch

  11. You also need to consider the chance of ETH taking over BTC as the #1 coin. If this happens, I still see BTC at around 12-15k But ETH could go 2.5k+. ETH has been making stronger strides compared to BTC from a tech/usage perspective from the smart contracts.

  12. he just made up stories just to sell his cryto…

  13. stock market teetering / BAKKT coming into view… yeah 20K + is def in play