Monday , February 18 2019
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Ethereum Could Be The Number 1 Coin – Scaling Upgrade Imminent

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  1. ETH can't scale… It way easier to have a another block chain than to scale ETH.

  2. Really good. But also funne (just for this time) “The name again. My gosh “😂

  3. This seems so much like game of thrones:

  4. Ethereum is the king of blockchain tech and that’s what intrigues big money investors! Whether its this yr, next yr, or sometime in the near future, Ethereum may very well be number #1! #theworldcomputer 📈📈📈

  5. Etherum needs to do something new thanks for the video by the way

  6. Good timing for me. I just converted my BTC to ETH an hour ago because of the unusual resistance of ethereum vs bitcoin couple of hours ago.

  7. If all the talent just tried to help improve BTC and ETH instead of making hundreds of shit coins we all could’ve been millionaires by now.

  8. Codius will make ETH irrelevant!
    Use any programming language you want, and codius can keep secrets!

  9. Where can one put Eos tokens now? Is it still to ether address?

  10. I think xrp will be No.1, has speed, is cheap to transact, and continuing to build momentum for real word use.
    Plus there are all of the other initiatives and university programs through Ripple which continue to add value.

  11. Hey guys I bought some Raiden a while back at $1.70 it’s now $0.94. I always felt this would only go up in price from its use rather than hype so I’ve just been holding, I think I will buy some more now as it seems their use case is drawing closer and it’s cheaper than when I first bought!! Also this is a scaling solution for all erc20 tokens. When I was researching first time round, I read that projects like gnosis, augur and omg have all bought Raiden network tokens (rnd) that’s got to mean something!!

  12. Maybe u have not heard of GOCHAIN…

  13. Take whatever Mr. O'Leary says with a grain of salt.

  14. With any crypto the retail market never knows which will be the next big thing. Having bias opinions doesn't prove anything, the market cap isn't decided by retail buyers.

  15. Bancor had 12 mil eth stolen from it so that might be worth looking into before investing big (if there can be a big dump).

  16. I dont see the logic in the insiders trying to convince others eth is gonna be no.1. Imo its in their best interest to push the price lower to load up more before the news is released.


  18. All these delusional people in the comments preaching for the better platform coins because they got them early while the true winner is right in front of them! wake up people! Sure spread your investments but dont deny the fact that ether will lead the platform for coming years act accordingly.

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