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How is Tezos different from Ethereum (Here is how)

Tezos is one other decentralized blockcahin platform that governs itself by establishing digital commonwealth. A commonwealth is a bunch that chooses to be linked collectively due to their shared targets and pursuits. Tezos goals to have their token holders make selections collectively to manipulate the platform and enhance it over time.
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➤ Intrinsic worth of a bitcoin:
➤ Is This a Backside for Bitcoin:
➤ Ontology vs Zilliqa:
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  1. Great content my friend.

  2. Tezos is a very interesting protocol with innovative technology. I am a big fan of the functiomal programming language which should make it more secure and less prone to errors and hacking. The delegated proof of stake still has to prove itself over time, so let’s see how Tezos fares in the coming years. I believe it has above average chance of success. Great video as usual

  3. TEZOS Has a $1,465,870,093 Market cap today. That's Billion folks. It's already a win for investors. This has a potential, huge upside. It's backed by some of the best, of Silicon Valley. Billionaire, Tim Draper, is backing the project. At the time it had the ICO it was the record high for the amount of money it raised. It Is now moved up to 18th position of the biggest market cap. On As soon as it is listed on a few big exchanges my though is that it will rise fast and keep on going. It is an Ethereum killer. Get it while you can afford to. Happy days ahead for the believers.

  4. your videos are great I love them. Could you make one on Elastos Thank you

  5. Again …..great information …… keep those videos coming 👌🏼

  6. enjoy the dump, what makes ethereum ethereum is that it was ethereum before others, therefor 1000 projects rushd ico´s with ether and exchanges implemented their ERC20 on almost every exchange, the demand went up and cap increased, while tezos has a mcap of 1 billion the demand will be created in the future and almost every 3rd token plans an ecosystem where similar features will be implemented, like ethereum, in the meanwhile ethereum is implementing those protocols to make the arguments to use the competitors token thin air – this is what the community calls vaporware – but those projects know what they are doing, they raise 1 billion, sell millions corporate with companys so they use their protocol and than when demand is created they insider pump the token bring out the news and sell it again, this coin is a typical insider trading coin, either your early or your loyal, otherwise and a lot of investors came to the category otherwise your sponsoring millionaires hodlers and loyal ones

  7. Tezos is about to explode into it's new life. Tezos Mainnet Dates to launch Sept 30th Paris time. Tons of money for development, I'm buying more while it's a bargain. My ride to the stars. Obviously you have to be able to understand the product and what it is can do that the competitors, do not have. Self amending capabilities ect. Look at the price in 12 months you will be amazed is my prediction. Ethereum is dying a slow death. Hello Tezos.

  8. nice video bro
    i its a real nutshell video

  9. Needed a clear answer to this, Tezos is different and more advanced then Ethereum. Tezos facilitates formal verification in a more friendly way.

  10. Thank you for the information!

  11. You outlined the tech components but not the team, the quality of the code or leadership, wether or not they are on schedule, or the roadmap.