Friday , October 18 2019
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In Conversation with Vitalik Buterin, Justin Drake and Karl Floersch (Ethereum Foundation)

Scaling: Ethereum’s make or break problem.

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  1. and these guys worth billions…

  2. Vitalik always sporting that shirt. Even though he can afford to get some nice Gucci or Armani suits. lol Please don't change!

  3. Vitalik is just an amazing human being!!!!!

  4. Are they trying to repel ALL the pussy on earth?

  5. Smart money will not trust these kids. Good luck hodlers

  6. Looks like Vitalik has his protege lined up

  7. ***Vitalik doesn't realize the discussion has ended…****25:34

  8. maturity is astronomically higher in the bitcoin world, and expectations are much more realistic.

  9. It's hard to understand geek talk!!!!! synergy.plasma.phyton.crypto kitty.3.0.state channel..super quadratic sharding.casper.attack vector.agent model.E3 search…………these are the super geeksters!!!!!!!!

  10. These trio could make great villians

  11. ETHDenver Bufficorns are AWESOME!

  12. These fckn kids thinking they are building the future… Bitcoin is all you need, Vitalik knows that.

  13. “If something happens that we don’t like we will change it” immutability aint shit for us.

  14. We decide, we are amazing, follow us

  15. I wear that Tshirt for my morning jogging.

  16. Interviewer is subpar.

  17. Taking on the rothschilds is the most badass thing you could possibly to.

  18. Have AI's do the research for Quantum Security research

  19. When your inventing something new you will make mistakes……but it really sounds like they have made some serious mistakes which has set them back alot …….blockchain isnt something you can easily update ….especially if its fundamental architecture

  20. Karl Floersch is amazing. I love his energy.

  21. Vitalik not clapping but happy, impress much.

  22. the middle guy is waving his head a lot. What does it mean? Will the price get high?

  23. No clue what they are talking about lol

  24. Yes, Vitalik is the great guy.

  25. #Vitalik I pray everything continues to go well and that everyone works #Together. #MuchLove #TeamEthereum #CryptoTeam

  26. the interviewer doesnt even speak english corectly…

  27. straight up want this guy to succeed just so we see him all over every magazine/newspaper/outlet wearing that boss shirt. This guy is hardcore would never bet against him

  28. Would anybody give his financial future to the hands of these weirdos and nerds? NO, it will never happen. They are mentally unstable, behave like children, talk gibberish. Good company for an e-sport event to play games. Nothing more.

  29. ecash, egold, ronpaul bucks, liberty dollar and tulips….all failed and so will this.  The only way it will succeed is if the governments has figured out how to control it.  The underlying technology is the only interesting part of all of this.

  30. We're gonna get finality & scalability & even do it without these guys, but I'll believe it when I see it 🙂