Wednesday , December 12 2018


As we speak we’re discussing how sidechains can be utilized to scale Ethereum and try some examples reminiscent of Loom Community. Theoretically you possibly can have infinite scaling.


Good Morning Crypto!

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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  1. Ivan, all 3 decentralizatin, security, and scalability looks possible from Zillica(zil), have a look at it.

  2. Loom Network is a fantastic project! I’m glad you see the continuous hard work they are putting into the crypto community with knowledge and opportunity. I personally think they’ve done an amazing job so far! Loved learning solidity via crypto zombies! I’m always excited to see their updates and am never diasalpoiinted. They educate in a fun way and provide excellent community environment..they have my full support👍🏼 would love you to interview them!!!?

  3. Lisk is WAY ahead of the games… We move ETH tokens to Lisk…

  4. How do you have reviews while the course is not yet released? I ma really interested in this course

  5. Thank you for knowledge. Appreciated. Long time ago I've pushed the bell button – so when you say it – I can nothing to do about it. Sorry 🙁
    BTW like button is another story.

  6. IVAN, how is LOOM suppose to make money if no token? Should they offer content for free? Did you read the white paper? The token is used for developers to built dapps on the LOOM network, it's like buying real estate on LOOM network.

  7. …Any headline that end in a question mark can be answered by the word “no”.

  8. I have smashed the likes.

  9. I smash ALL the likes.

  10. Very professional paint panel

  11. Grateful for the education and sharing your knowledge <3!

  12. i keep thinking theres someone walking behind you..

  13. Nice video Ivan. Can you maybe explain for us where Ethereum is better than EOS, because I myself can not find a single technical reason why. For me it seems weird that we should wait for Vitalik to think of some solution that is not safe and not ready in any near future.

  14. We don't use ETH, we use NEO 🙂

  15. Question, can someone explain a practical application of a sidechain? and what is the point of connecting back to the main net?

  16. S.M.A.S.H.E.D. Best, the lurcerinthedark

  17. Ivan, i think it will be faster and better to use the text button – type and then select the brush again to do the drawing. kudos

  18. The trilemma sounds like economics. I can deliver a product good, fast or cheap. Pick two.

  19. Good to see your timely info about crypto daily and also if you can focus on daily technicals may help lot of us to trade and invest for better ROI

  20. best show man !!! great knowledge session ;;; Greetings from Egypt !!!!

  21. Side chains on EOS will be interoperable by the end of the year. If you are speculating on EOS ram you better keep this in mind….

  22. Thanx for this video, can you tell as about Credits (CS)??

  23. FunFair's state channels turning out to be a good solution to gaming. Nobody can cheat , there's a process to verify eveything on the blockchain with a dispute system.

  24. BIG BIG fan of Loom. the token is mainly used for determining bandwidth for your game and user access (need 1 loom to play the games). 10,000 loom to create a game. can be used for any of the loom side chains. its actually really useful token.

  25. but it continues to grow……… no snapshots – IOTA is better in all aspects

  26. So it sounds like there's a lot of research to be done on sidechains. WOW, if only there was a cryptocurrency project doing a lot of research with the math, on sidechains, possibly bringing in actual cryptographers and peer review….wouldnt that be something….

  27. Is this diluting the price like printing money?

  28. FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations enters into a cooperation with TE-FOOD

  29. Ivan, you did not talk about how plasma and plasma exit works

  30. Ethereum has state channels tech. So it can be used for games and cheap offchain operations – no problem. But it's a tech with limitations not good for a secure transfers of tokens, assets, outcome states. The bottlesneck is exactly in ETH POW system and gas prices. Its just not scalable from start. Larimer was thinking about these issues from day 1. You think side chains will help? How if you still need to use slow and expensive ETH chain? It needs to be rebuilt. It needs innovations like superfast sliced POS blockchain tech in making by HEAT TEAM's. But there are more ideas out there like komodo atomic swaps. This plasma sounds also like a good idea. But still problem in in the core of ETH. Without fixing it making it fast, cheap and still secure why to even use it? Also smart contracts is not the only way to make interactive stuff you have steemit, you will have microservices soon also. Now all cryptoprojects have a lesson that being tied to one nonscalable platform is not a good idea in the long run. Look how many tokens are now stuck on ETH blockchain… and all devs needs to learn Solidity to make anything with it. It doesn't sound like a universal and easy to use and adopted widely by people tech.

  31. "Of course it is live guys! Each and every single day!" Love you bro!! hahahaha

  32. Not sure why you are talking about sidechains, plasmachains are childchains. Besviken.

  33. Bitcoin Diamond the ultimate shitcoin…

  34. how the plasma exit works exactly? is it kind of Inheritance (like in classes)? how the value gets exchanged on the mainchain? on what level is the communication ❔ is it 1 transaction that combines other Tx in 1?
    this is sooooo needed! like big dapps and games where security isn't needed that hard this spreads the load.

    so many questions 😥

  35. Ivan, do we get an extra discount for the course if we already bought the development one? Thanks