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Crypto Investing #109 – Cardano & Ethereum Classic Talk w/Charles Hoskinson – By Tai Zen & Leon Fu

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  1. If you haven't read Homo Deus yet, people in Crypto should read it asap!

  2. Where is best place to buy btc , other than coinbase ….

  3. Charles is the M F man!! I’m a big supporter of all the projects he’s involved in!

  4. Get yourself some Digibyte, it’s only $.04! DGB is one of the oldest forks of bitcoin and had segwit first. It’s only $.04 per share! DGB does transactions faster than any other coin and has way more freatures than Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin! Check it out!!

  5. get out LEON, you broke that great guy’s speach about economy, u moron

  6. Not that they're great, but Apollo used NXT to develop their wallet. They might have improved it.

  7. Great interview, please add a table of contents 😃

  8. Tai Zen you dribble so much small talk that nobody is interested in. You waste a lot of time.

  9. Try keeping your mouth shut when you interview the Man

  10. "if you had to spend all the money you had every day for the rest of your life you couldn't spend it all" 54:08 I laughed so hard it hurt.

  11. The interview is cool. But you need to learn to formulate your questions and not interupt your guest.

  12. Shut up and wait when your guest is speaking!!

  13. Everybody poops! Looool

  14. Guys, Guys, leave Tai to be who he is, he is here for you, like he says his mission is to help us, just talking to Charles, made me buy some cardano, because now I can see the forwar thinking. Lets not complain about the things that do not matter. Tai and the Legendary Oracle- I say thank you

  15. How dare you to interrupt Charles during his genius thinking and explanation of things

  16. I am utterly amazed with Charles' patience and that he didn't just tell Leon to STFU

  17. We want to listen to Charles and not a lot of babble. The interviewers waste too much time attempting to ask questions.

  18. Listened for 1 hour 30 mins and then gave up. A reasonable expectation was that this be an interview with Charles about Cardano, instead it became a political discussion. Their political views do not interest me. In future please state the goal of the interview.

  19. Tai Zen you are fucking terrible let Charles Speak learn how to listen !!!!

  20. Charles is 1000 times busier and smarter than you Leon, but you think what you have to say is more important and then you walk out during the interview? WOW. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  21. Tai you really say a lot of useless stuff. If you actually thought before you spoke, your sentences would be cut in half and the time would be shorter. Geez, it is a wonder how anyone can be a guest in your show and not leave feeling exhausted.

  22. Always a pleasure listening and learning from Charles but please less interruption on the guest. People want to hear Mr. Hoskinson full view points before being interrupted with other questions.

  23. Africa has the most wealth. Fuck off wankers

  24. Yes to much of interrupting Charles, let the man talk when you ask him a question or opinion.

  25. 28:50 Satanic Signs, same with the Pentagramm sign on the ETH Website

  26. horrible interview just embarrassing. You can clearly see Charles was starting to get upset when he puts his head down for about 10 seconds long.

  27. THIS WAS AWESOME! I love to see so much thought put even in the smallest details like naming.

  28. This guy is so sleazy, why nobody else thinks so?

  29. Great interview! It's like Charles is channelling Edward Snowden there.

  30. Biggest Take Away: Charles and Tai discuss equipment in space still sending signals after decades of implementation… big startup cost for putting something in space.. on one hand ICO are raising money that can pay for that meticulously high price tag for space launch standard but reality is the ICO BS is mismanagement of the budget

  31. This guy sucks at interviewing

  32. i can not believe i watched the whole video 2:46 hours now i know only Charles Hoskinson could do that my investment ADA and ETC would be doubled.

  33. My goodness this was a terrible interview. Leon loves to hear himself talk, charles is like ten levels above these dudes (leon in particular my goodness) . No disrespect but dang just be quiet and let the man talk he is incredibly intelligent.

  34. ADA is dropping; CEO should do something instead of talking much. Stellar is best

  35. Charles Hoskinson. That is a smart dude!

  36. This was best interview to date. Second is crypto crow, but you guys get the trophy!

  37. Uhhhh Charles has explained the names before ! BTW I am a Chrales Hoskinson follower not your troll LOL

  38. The current price of .14 cents is a GIVE AWAY especially with Coinbase News! Cardano is Clearly the Apple of Crypto. It is lagging like Apple did in early 2000's but has the strongest legs due it's creative team headed by Charles Hoskinson (Etherium Co-founder) who put together the incredible 3rd generation technology with Cardano. They had discussions with Google- If Google sees something in Cardano that should be a wake up call for people. But is Google really a competitor? Remember- Apple would have never made a come back with out the come back of Steve Jobs. Well Charles Hoskinson is the Steve Jobs of Crypto- Clearly a creative Mathematician Genius. ADA is the biggest Sleeper Coin in the Alt Coin market today IMHO. $2 in a very reasonable 12-18 Month target. The number of coins will make it hard to get past $10 anytime soon… but perhaps 5 years…#ADAMillionaire2021

  39. Just be quiet already, Leon, let Charles talk. Don’t interrupt him and repeat his points… speechless

  40. Omg, Leon, stop stalking pointless, that’s it, can’t watch it anymore

  41. hold on there ranting about iota: there has been no proof of any vurnability. the fud you read and believe comes from "academics" who are working on competing coin direktly against iota (like the e krone project). the trinity wallet works fine and might be the best wallet out there . the network needs to get more stable sometimes it's sub 1min confirmation, at some times when someone is attacking the network it gets realy slow like an hour or maybe 2 hour. most of times though the network is fine.

  42. OMG I came on this stream to listen to Charles not you guys interrupting him every 30 seconds while he is answering your goddamn questions! ** You guys reading all the comments in the chat and in the comments? STFU!!! **

  43. Why the hell do you keep interrupting Charles with your ridiculous questions. We already know and don’t need clarification on how they started from scratch. Let him speak for god sake.what a waste of time.

  44. This is the second time arching these guys and it gets worse every time. These unformulated, “spend all the money that you have”, “we know that you’re beyond”, “let’s talk about what I call bullsit questions” is simply a dumb way to ask a question. Constant interruptions, unstructured questions, I wish Charles would just say stfu and let me explain this shite to you. One more chance and after that, I’m not watching these guys anymore. Geezus.

  45. My god, I was ready to flip my table listening to this. l don't get how Charles makes it through these kinds of interviews. Not only was he talked over and interrupted frquently, but oftentimes it was done with no coherent point to be made and sometimes just to repeat what Charles had already said. Charles' patience is the real star here.

  46. Why ask a simple question with 10 words when you can use 200 and take 5mins to ask it. 😕