Wednesday , May 27 2020
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Fireside Chat with Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Foundation)

A dialog with Ethereum’s creator, Vitalik Buterin at TC Periods: Blockchain 2018 in Zug.

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  1. Has Vitalik ever read Beasts of New York?

  2. I am shocked to see his chain of thought. He is clearly a genius

  3. Somebody must find a bed for host John to lie down.. check out his sitting posture in this interview.. the guy needs a bed not a chair/sofa.. this chair is not allowing him to stretch well enough!

  4. Not sure if this alien has something to prove dressing like a slob, it's embarrassing tho.. certainly doesn't help the professional world take us very seriously. Someone needs to get him a steak sandwich and a button down

  5. play at 1.25 and his true nature comes to life

  6. I dont know why but he sounds like Mark Z. …I think

  7. Imagine creating something amazing, and then ruining it because you’re a doucebag

  8. The world needs white Urkel now more than ever

  9. This guy is like the white version of Jack Ma, look wise.

  10. Vitalik tires to justify his scam by saying others do it too.

  11. Ethereum:You can simplify your transactions. How? Replace .eth by the official ICANN accredited .luxe domain extension, which
    works without the downloads of plug in software. Or replace your 42-character-hash by .luxe.

  12. vitalik is so smart and cryptic .

  13. Maybe he is SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, HA, HA. Could be easy. Remember Hawkins?, I believe he is so much ahead of his time and I think he could see what will be 20/25 years in future but he does not jet know how to present to ordinary audience. I think he is NOBEL written in the near future.

  14. Does his brain just code all the time even when he speaks ?????

  15. Vitalik reads the matrix code lines as bedtime stories

  16. It's a rite time to buy ethereum


    Cognitive load is an issue for #blockchain or any #developers. Choice of language matters. Rholang helps solve this problem beautifully! #WYSIWYG

  18. Just to put our postmodern civilization in perspective, the unappointed, decentralized non leader is a fucking nerd who probably can't do half a round in a boxing ring, or climb a flight of stairs. Of course, I am just a premodern brute bigot, so who am I to judge.