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Ethereum Overloads, Gas prices Soar | Korean Legistators takes Blockchain Serious

Ethereum Gas prices soar to over 70 Gwei because of transaction overload coming from cash doing airdrops with a view to get listed on Fcoin. Korean Legislators take blockchain extra critically and is classifying exchanges as regulated monetary establishments versus communications distributors.
zero:56 Korean Legislators create classifications for Crypto
1:55 IBM indicators $740 Million take care of Aus Authorities to implement Blockchain
2:35 Make investments.com + Bittrex points new change
three:11 Binance Co-founder calls Li XiaoLai a scammer
four:14 BIS Head calls crypto a rip-off (once more)
5:08 Ethereum’s Surge Gas prices
6:43 Comply with Friday!

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  1. Government regulation has never helped anyone. It just introduces central planning inefficiencies, stifles progress, and exacerbates monoplization. The volumes on Korean and Japanese exchanges have dropped rapidly in recent months, with people switching to deregulated exchanges like Binance and DEXes.

  2. "I treat Bitcoin like my ex"


  3. GOCHAIN is the new Ethereum..100x coin

  4. Cryptocurrency is worse than social media, the communities that you are forming are destroying culture, destroying the world. how you do not see this is mind-boggling. Get rich quick give me now, who gives a s*** about anyone else, this is what your communities are promoting. You speak of people's greed everyday without fail. Anonymous, Mayhem 2020, cicada 3301, cryptocurrency is dominated by hackers, manipulated bye Hackers that are millionaires now, do to their manipulation of the market. You guys are cleaning criminals money and making them more Rich by spending your inheritance on crypto.?? all of you might as well be blind.

  5. Lots of people died to make that artwork…

  6. I want to sell ODYSSEY tokens which I got from the airdrop http://www.best-airdrops.site/odysseyfree At what exchange it would be better to register, how is that for?

  7. Awesome BoxMining, especially On Exodus Background….!

  8. Can you do a review on TokenPay and eFin? Or what is your opinion on them? Thanks.

  9. Translation guide:
    wiff = with
    werf = worth

  10. Yes Gas cost is Very damaging overall. Makes ETH Network look very bad…again. It has altered my normal weekly coin purchases. My mined Profits on Exodus EDEN have failed shapeshift exchange Over and over. Works occasionally. I will change my plan and save money. Thanks Michael Have a Great Day?????

  11. Ethereum Classic > Ethereum


  13. Thanks Michael! Nice presentation.

  14. Congratulations to Australia, one step closer to mass adoption….Who's gonna be the next?

  15. thx for the news box…good to know…smash

  16. I am working in UAE and we have a waste heat recovery contract to create a power plant out of waste heat. We have financiers already. But since we have more contracts coming, we wanted to finance it with cryptocurrency by an ICO. Can you help us on the process?

  17. Ethereum proofs that blockchain is not suitable for mass adoption. A few airdrops….c'mon

  18. people like yourself are 50% of what makes crypto possible. Dedication, professionalism, and perseverance;;;. There are some tokens that are worth listing. FRESCO for example. Was given for proof of study, the test was hard I spend 8 hours to get these tokens and I appreciate them very much

  19. parents paying their kids allowance in CRYPTO is a great idea!! Pigzbe wallet for kids

  20. you cant regulate crypt o you can only regulate the countries out of it.

  21. Thank goodness you keep it short.

  22. Hi how about have a look at Invacio an AI based that has just came out of ICO. They have many projects to be rolled out including an encrypted email ( INVmail), financial prediction, data repository ( 23 Terabytes and counting ) and analysis and a "hole in the wall" efforts to provide technology to impoverished areas in the world. Here is a yahoo run of the company

  23. All hail Vitalik our Crypto Overlord. Eth is king of all!

  24. ETH gas is still 50 gwei at the moment. I really feel bad for normal users, this is ridiculous.

  25. we young people are using our brain power to better the world. what are you doing Mr.Bis (when you are this big they call you BIS)?

  26. Is there a reason why you never talk about waltonchain?

  27. While the whole crypto market is bleeding, and 90% of the community lost their money,making 50/70 % as ROI (Return on Investment)  is an amazing achievement. 

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  28. How's the Lympo challenge going, Michael?

  29. Boxmining you are way too skinny to be wearing that shirt bro. you clearly dont even lift

  30. Can the internet please stop saying "smash the like button". Not only is it really stupid but it's completely and totally unoriginal. You're just repeating what other videos are doing. Use a little thought and come up with your own metaphor. I assure you I will not be smashing anything!

  31. you can't really "blame" fcoin.
    i thought ethereum was an open and permissionless system so you can do what you want on it.
    its just showing more and more holes in vitaliks ethereum. implosion soon ? 😀

  32. For all you newbies, there are a lot of shillers in these comments. They bad mouth Ethereum in order to promote their shitty projects. Try to look at what the projects actually do, ignore what they say they'll do. They just want your money.

  33. great videos

    can you label segments and subjects for videos so we can go straight to topics of interest if we don’t have time for entire video – thanks

  34. At the time of Ethereum overload, convert your ETH into DeepOnion which is lightning fast and low fee.

  35. I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico where Virgin Galactic is currently moving people to ramp up for space tourism launching in just a few months time. Self-driving vehicles are real, people ride hoverboards, we have 3D TVs, use Skype or Facetime to video chat, our whole lives can be run off our phones, and people are even being recruited to colonize Mars. AI is real, Terminator-style robots are real, Skynet is real. Androids like Sophia that can deliver speeches are just like those on Bladerunner or Westworld. We have Roombas that clean our floors and sous vide systems that cook our food like in the Jetsons. We live in these movies and TV shows that embodied futurism at its best. What would the future look like beyond what we have created?

  36. Great response to the BIS guy's order to stop making money. Good job Michael.

  37. Vitalik authored a proposal that simplifies the gas pricing algorithm, making it easier to predict what the correct gas price should be

  38. Why you not talking about Neblio? I heard that they already have Restful APIs in 8 different programming languages. What are you think about it? I want to see video about Neblio.

  39. why do you bash on Fcoin, they are just a app.. Its Etherium you should bash who cant take it.