Wednesday , December 12 2018
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Ethereum charges had been wild yesterday and Ivan is reside concerning the truth that he’s at Almedalen

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  1. Regulators – just another parasite on the human race.

  2. I can't believe you said: "No 1 is "Revenue" that's just not true! You need to see me in FinglisCave you are using "Old Economics" Energy is the Mater Resource NOT MONEY!!!!

  3. Should have used neblio

  4. What happened yesterday night?

  5. I think Byteball is quite centralised with only five wittness nodes!?

  6. Smashed the like…….

  7. Unstoppable! Thanks for keeping it real 👊

  8. Good luck with your travels

  9. Ivan, yesterday you said that you don't like when people have negative feelings towards rich people. Well wouldn't you agree that there are an unimaginable number of people who work hard every single day but never become rich? And in consideration of that, wouldn't you agree that it's not the hard work that makes you rich but rather the circumstance that you ended up in due to chance? I think wealth inequality is terrible. And I believe that the richer you are the more complacent, ignorant, and lazy you become. And that the vast majority of people who work hard on a day to day basis will struggle until the day they die. I do not think anybody should be a billionaire, period.

  10. So you think that a person who works hard for their passion over a number of years and is lucky enough to succeed and ultimately become rich is deserving of their riches, but your message to people who are considering following their passion is to forget it and work a normal job instead? Would you go back in time to Satoshi and say "Stop working on your stupid passion. You should be worried about making money."? Humans are at their best when they are doing something they are passionate about. That's just a fact. And all of our jobs are going to be replaced by AI anyways, and society will have to adjust to a future where most people are not working. So don't you think it's foolish to tell someone to forget about their passion and work a normal job instead?

  11. Very funny, swedish ducks ;] , thx for staying on top of your daily videos!

  12. Tron is a better alternative!

  13. I liked the park , thanks brother and teacher.

  14. Truly enjoy your videos and your realistic attitude. Love nature && ducks.

  15. sound quality too bad, voice spreading

  16. Ivan REALLY loves those ducks!

  17. Please give us update on Sweden political environment regarding crypto.

  18. Hey Ivan, once again great content, thank you so much for the amazing work. Sharing is caring.

  19. Love the hard work you put inn man !!

  20. The louder you are the more likes I smash

  21. Bitcoin didn't have marketing ? hahahahaha. Bitcoin has the largest marketing operation out there you numpty. It's called the Keiser report and it's been on mainstream t.v since 2012 shilling bitcoin.

  22. Useless crypto – they are all going to zero

  23. I wish I was watching live!