Wednesday , June 19 2019
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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BNB Technical Analysis Chart 7/4/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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  1. Bulls are back? Are we gonna see green days again? It would be nice. Fast grab some more coins now we still can?

  2. Its not just the last two pumps with the same times look at these 1 hour candles and note the dates

    4July 14:00 GMT
    3July 14:00
    24June 17:00
    22June Big dump day
    20June 14:00
    18June 17:00
    16June 17:00
    14June 17:00

    So thats every pump except one at either 1400 or 1700 GMT.

    Either we have a single/group of traders or an exchange trying to get the market moving or we have a bunch of bots on a time/price algo. Either way they are the only ones buying as there is zero follow through after each pump.
    Without these single candles the market would have been flatlined for 3 weeks.

  3. I'm gonna tether everything as soon as we hit 7500 because that's when we're going to tank back to 5k

  4. Nice choice of beers. Dogfish head makes a good sour called Festina Peche.

  5. Seriously. Stop being pigs and polluting the planet. And IPA beers, please. Sierra Nevada selections are a nice commercial choice. By the way, Budweiser is owned by a Belgium company. Happy 4th everyone! Be decent.

  6. lol 12c is like one extra layer maybe.. you don't wanna wake up to warm. Try -5 to -30 (Swedish) now thatś refreshing 🙂

  7. Woaaaw no down votes? 🙂 youtune having a letś be nice day today?

  8. I love your adventure story. Thanks.

  9. great video, love the simplicity of your style. and the adventure stories are inspirational #deeptalk love it

  10. bull o'clock 8am ct..

  11. I liked this as soon as I heard “don’t drink beer that tastes like water”

  12. Tommorrow the 5/7/18 when the market opens British time. My analysis is stating that the market will hit resistance and will get rejected and then go short whereby it will try and brake support but will be defended by the bulls. Keep up with the story telling. Thanks

  13. Yea once again, best TA, best stories and best mind set.

  14. Solid TA + awesome adventure time. very interesting. Crypto + Nature ☀️ many thanks

  15. Absolutely beautiful. Funding a life appreciating nature from trading. You're a very lucky man, Dan

  16. Thanks for the info and education bro, really appreciate your channel!

  17. I liked hearing about the coyotes. Thanks!

  18. Dan, thank you for your passion! The only guy I rely on youtube cryptos, love from Monaco.

  19. I bought $452, was unimpressed with the bounce volume, got annoyed watching spoofy, sold $455 and went to bed, which is a typical occurrence for me. Do you ever just sell to go to bed or would you have set a stop below the last consolidation?

    I'm glad you're going through your travels. I did a couple road trips about 10 years ago across the US, sleeping in my car, stopping in national parks and forests, and I've mostly been domestic(trapped) since. I'm planning on getting back out there this summer, but I've sort of been losing the plot. Thanks.

  20. Happy 4th, Dan! Can you please look into Digibyte? DGB seems to have a good support during this run. Thanks.

  21. Chartguys always killing it on the content!!

  22. You live life to the fullest. My hats off to you.Happy 4th. Thanks

  23. screaming children sounds interesting XD

  24. He is a very good guy. Happy 4th July

  25. Nice video, as always. Thanks

  26. "Throw your fat hot dogs on the ground." Lol the intro killed me.?

  27. love the videos thanks . 🙂

  28. Love hearing about the trips and nature. Your 100% on the shower and water being a blessing after not having it. Thanks again.

  29. Loving the story time Dan! I can't agree with you more about Vegas. I am compelled to go at least once or twice a year for work and I hate it more every time – it's a complete abomination. Oh yeah, and Arrogant Bastard! My favorite 🙂

  30. Thanks for mentioning the stop buy tool. Been using the stop loss but didn't click it can be used to buy. Great to catch a ride on the unpredictable pumps.

  31. Absolutely blown away by your earlier poker video. Ive been playing hold 'em forever…."before it was cool" as they say.
    Lets just say I do ok in tournaments. Played on pokerstars before the shutdown…yadda yadda.
    Much newer to crypto, however.
    I started noticing the similarities right away. And I actually was just telling my poker buddies only a week ago how similar the crypto market was to poker, but you do a much better job explaining it than I do. And thank you for that!
    That video WILL be played on the big screen next home game.
    Very surprised at how many poker players there are in the crypto space.
    Then again…not really.

  32. Everything you said about Vegas is right on !

  33. Dan. Your analysis is so good, it’s so helpful, so thank you. I know I say the same thing every video, but man, it’s appreciated. Story Time is awesome! Keep up the great traveling stories and Reminiscences! Love it!

  34. 'Don't kill the golden goose', big speculators won't destroy such a unique and profitable market.
    Cryptos are bleeding now for 6 months… flat as a pancake, most baby cryptos have lost 95%+ from their ath. I put some pocket-change positions now targeting the immediate lower high from the last daily major high, that would give me a btc high just below 10k, if we move there is another thing.
    My speculation on what comes next for cryptos, is consolidation for the next 2-3 months, and some bullish action in the last months of the year perhaps. In fact, the whole market is behaving like how xrp did in 2017, an ath in jan, with a flat 10 months with another race to haven in the last 2 months of the year.
    Anyway, good luck everyone, but cryptos will definetly have a brighter future and higher market then now that is for sure.

  35. Halving Hatrick' on the horizon – Litecoin mining reward 'halving' 2019! – then BCash(Bitcoin Cash) a few months later, then culminating in Bitcoin 'halving' 2020!!! Less Bitcoin/Litecoin entering market means upward pressure on price! Last ‘round’ of ‘halvings’ starting 2015 signified beginning of 2015 – 2017 price surge

  36. Never used the stop buy tool, will surely try it out. Very good TA. You earned my sub 🙂
    Would love to see you analyze coins like Nano, DeepOnion.. Since they are freely distributed coins without greedy ICOs, I would love to know when is the best time to buy them , especially since people who dont know the value will dump free coins. But looks like both have hit bottom. Hope to buy a bag before both takes off.

  37. Hey you got Arrogant Bastard Ale in that pic! That's my fav! We could be friends. 😀

    POW2, SEGSIG and SONIC !Read at dev.gulden

  39. I'm looking forward to hearing about your next trip! I-10 and the Southwest are incredible! p.s. '97 civc is one of the best cars i've ever owned. It paid me to drive it for 3 yrs. fr

  40. Don't understand how anyone can click thumb down on your videos. Top quality stuff!

  41. Another failed prediction of the bull run. Just more pump and dump insider trading. BTC currently below 6k. Time to unsubscribe…….