Thursday , February 21 2019
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eBay Joins Ethereum Alliance, “Ethereum Could Survive Crypto Hype” And Tether “Double Spend”

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  1. I like that…..ill take a little piece of the pie as good with that.Thanks always for sharing ur research,it helps my own research in ways..good luck….peace

  2. So weird the you tube commercial always comes right before you say… “next up in the news today”

  3. Maan when Tone Vays talks shit about ethereum iam so ???

  4. If you think MI talks too fast slow it down with the tools at the bottom. I use 1.25 cause of time and way too much info to learn and know. Thank you MI for not using back ground music 🙂

  5. More good info. I appreciate that you talk about fundamentals and not graph squiggles and price speculations. Good advice before investing — watch your show!

  6. eBay joining ethereum alliance is a sign that they fear Bitbay.Market

  7. Got reminded why I got into cryptos today "The Great idea circle":
    At first it will seem stupid
    Then it will be deemed too dangerous
    But it will eventually be accepted

  8. Does anyone know the names of high quality crypto podcast?

  9. So you always say you’re in crypto for the 10-20 year long haul and now call it a massive bubble??????

  10. Hey Modern Investor, what podcasts do you listen to?

  11. Finally, acceptance! No amount of good news and/or bad news will affect the market in any way, shape or form. The ? are in control and have been since the last ath. We will get scraps when they allow us and if you are an early investor, then you can enjoy the ride and get a taste of how the other half live!

  12. Ethereum is growing bigger and bigger love it !

  13. Stay positive Modern Investor! The world economy is the Bubble, not crypto currency. From fiat printing to fractional banking to derivatives…everything is based on debt and illusion. Crypto is a hedge against the system that is the true bubble. If we go down it will be from market manipulation but we will come back. Like Obi wan Kenobi! Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Thanks for the great videos.

  14. Another great video thanks for all the time u spend doing the leg work on these news stories.

  15. That's the main reason I listen yo your videos man, because you only talk about the relevant ones..

  16. Modern, what's up with UpHold? Two different accounts were denied. They allowed my accounts to be uploaded but when the transaction was made, it was denied.

  17. best channel, keep going <3

  18. M.I. Can you take a look at Bankerra? Thank you and really enjoy your show everyday.

  19. Any reallistic price for etherum at the end of this year?

  20. have some patience gentlemen

  21. You should have a look at Pundi X. It's a crypto payment processing device and I can't believe you still haven't talked about it.

  22. You have a very interesting perspective on how you delivering this particular set of news. I'm wondering if you will subscribe to the hat trick letter. Jim Willie.

  23. Any future plans for a live stream?

  24. All this talk about crypto being a bubble and it "will" pop… looks like going from $20k to $5800k in a few months that it "already did" pop!! It always will get worse b4 it gets better, right? Well…its worse!! So, onto better things now. Shit is about to get crazy awesome boys n girls!!

  25. “THE PURGE” of dead coins needs to happen before the next bull run

  26. ETH to the moon! Don’t hate me, this is just a spur of the moment comment.

  27. Ethereum is first to market and established. 2nd highest cap…its a bluechip crypto imo.

  28. 18:59 I will sell BTC after there is a market place for unforked coins.

  29. bone coin get you a boner

  30. crypto is dead fiat is the future

  31. Can you bring your friend on and have a discussion? I think that would be so interesting!

  32. Vechain v Ethereum – the legendary Jim Breyer invested in both – his only choices outside of Circle. Can ETH be scaled into becoming an effective supply chain coin? I’m still trying to figure that out.