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Ethereum Q&A: Ether, ICOs, and securities

Is ether thought of an preliminary coin providing and/or safety token, contemplating its preliminary pre-sale and the favored use instances of the ether token on the platform? Does one essentially indicate the opposite? How robust is the case that it’s a utility token? How do you consider these initiatives? What’s the short-term versus long-term pattern for tokenisation for funding, loyalty factors, and product / service accessibility?

Notice: I’m not a lawyer, and there are totally different views on this topic (together with these within the Ethereum group who would describe the ether pre-sale – earlier than it had “usability” – as an ICO: This was recorded months previous to the SEC’s announcement concerning its interpretation of token gross sales and safety tokens on June 14th.

These questions had been a part of the month-to-month stay Patreon Q&A session on March 31st 2018 and the Capgemini CXO Discussion board at Pebble Seashore on November 1-Third 2017 in Monterey, California ( If you need early-access to talks and an opportunity to take part within the month-to-month stay Q&As with Andreas, grow to be a patron:

Ethereum, ICOs, and Rocket Science –
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Sensible contract platforms –
Impression of sensible contracts on regulation and accounting –
Preliminary coin choices (ICOs) –
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ICOs and accountable funding –
ICOs and monetary regulation –
ICOs, disruption, and self-regulation –
ICOs and pyramid schemes –
Scams, playing, and regulation –
Regulation and the financial institution boycott –
Unstoppable code –

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has grow to be one of the well-known and revered figures in bitcoin.

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He’s the creator of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” printed by O’Reilly Media and thought of the most effective technical information to bitcoin; “The Web of Cash,” a e book about why bitcoin issues.





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  1. Would like to hear more in depth Eth

  2. Thanks for answering these questions!

  3. a utility token can be a security. also, a token isn't a share, it's just a company's currency. as a token holder i'm entitled to nothing 🙁

  4. get this scam shit out of here

  5. Blue thumbnail! Ethereum aantonop series coming <3

  6. 99.99% of ICOs are scams? So all of them? There aren't 10,000

  7. ETH token = fees = foolproof.

  8. as they said: " what is it takes to make a million dollar in this space? Start with two :)" excellent

  9. Andreas will regret having stated this opinion in the future. Ethereum is completely useless, except to host ICO tokens, which are only revolutionary if you want to dump on your investors in the most efficient way possible.

  10. I think your kind of missing the point on this one Andreas. ethereum is not a security like oranges aren't securities in the Howey case. But the presales of ether was an investment contract which is a security. That's why the SEC specifically said there comment didn't concern the presale. They can still go after the ethereum foundation and fournders, for the presales of ethers (~70% of total amount of ether in circulation today)

  11. what does it take to make a million dollars in this space ….

    start with two! ?

  12. Great Video Andreas! as always! Privacy-coins are getting popularity did you see Gemini adding top 5 privacy-coins? like Dash, Monero included and soon DeepOnion I guess!

  13. What does it take to make a million dollars in this (ICO) space?
    Start with 2 Million.


    These are some awesome shirt memes Andreas! You are so funny. I love it.

  14. Do you think Ethereum Classic can be a better Ethereum?

  15. Thank you for your opinion on this ?

  16. I learned a lot about ICO in this video, thanks for sharing but I am curious to hear your thoughts about non ico projects, I've been hearing lots of developments about non ico coins like deeponion and nano. I'm interested to learn the pros and cons of non ico's. Thumbs up to your channel.

  17. thanks for this video. Great as always!

  18. He doesnt know shit how to find good icos and only looked at the shit ones. Or just bluffing being the btc maximalist we know.

  19. Andreas is god. Saw this in november 2017 <3

  20. Right now the ICO space looks like the land of OZ Yet I am stuck in Kansas. I don’t know any Glenda the witch is to guide me through the maze that is the yellow brick road of the 99.9% failures so I’m just going to enjoy the view from here for a while.

  21. This clip couldn't be more contradictory. On the first segment Andreas explains why he thinks ETH it's not a security because etherium is not a company and what they sell it's not a share. However, On the 2nd clip he states that ICOs / digital tokens are shares. I'm sorry Andreas, thumbs down on this.

  22. Great answer as always, Andreas. I like your vision so much, You are the true crypto enthusiast. I have one question. What do you think if the coin has both POW+POS consensus methods, Is it much secured, especially if tor layer protocol had implemented? (This is DeepOnion blockchain)

  23. Personally I never thought that the SEC's decision would have a huge impact on the market but I'm not sure. All I hope is that coins that have a very strong use case aren't affected surely because they're considered something, for example privacy coins.