Monday , June 17 2019
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Ethereum Cleared for Takeoff…as EOS Struggles!! (Bix Weir)

The SEC regulator’s speech declaring that Ethereum won’t be regulated as a safety was very particular in it is language and timing because it pertains to EOS…and it would not look good for!!

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  1. HODL all the way, still loading up – even after MTGOX stole $100K from me.

  2. Bix you and snippy need to talk about Docademic medical app. It's up %570 in the last 30 days and %140 in the last week. Worst
    bear market we've seen in awhile and this token is blowing past everything else.

  3. Charlie Lee did Litecoin a favour in this regard. By dumping his LTC, he essentially decentralised his blockchain, and so LTC cannot be regarded as a security.

  4. I reckon eos will win out in the end and the people involved will change over time, trust the tech. However far more importantly GO ENGLAND!!!!!

  5. dont remember all your scepticism when litepay collapsed and Charlies announcement that a massive deal was done turned out to be Abra…………Electroneum is way further down the road to adoption than Litecoin, litecoin just put stickers on random shops who have no real method of accepting litecoin properly………..litecoin just hopes mass adoption will happen……….watch out for electroneum.

  6. Will litecoin be declared not a security???

  7. "Red across the board" ignores ETC.

  8. can't remember the last time crypto was green for more than 2 days!

  9. I haven't heard of a ICO on EOS, it seems like they are going the air-drop route as I've already got like 5 air drops at 1:1… EOS is AWESOME!!!!…. The gift that keeps on giving.

  10. Bitcoin feeling a bit like silver Bix

  11. So does this mean that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not going to be taxed

  12. What Bix calls collusion the EOS token holders call democratically elected representatives fulfilling their duties to maintain the health of the chain. If you don't know how to debug live blockchains, you probably don't need to be on any conference calls. Thats how you get idiots who don't know what they are talking about creating FUD for their youtube subscibers. When was the last time Vitalik held a conference call to fix Ethereum bugs? Did they have one for the 150 million DAO hack or 360 million Parity 'oopsie'?

  13. Bix, I didn't need a criminal pedo government to tell me bitconnect was a ponzi. 🙂 Maybe when they stop the chemtrails I might start believing they care about what is good for us, but they don't. Its all about control. If everyone knew it was a ponzi, why do we need them to tell us? Their system is a ponzi. So how can they protect us against ponzis? Their interest is in protecting their system.

  14. Proven crypto fella from our town who had 8,000 bitcoin bought in 2009 he lived in a 3000.00 trailer happy for him he still lives there.. He never bought one stock before …..mowed yards for living

  15. Bix, how come you claim there are good guys, but cant find a good example? Coinbase owned by the DCG, Bitfinex we dont need to talk about, Binance in malta, where Rom Emanuel and company are laundering the hell out of things, etc….

    Can you do a video on the supposed good guys? Dont say Reggie please, I mean significant presence, not one individual…

  16. Begging for regulation is not a good look on you, Bix.

  17. I don't trust any of the regulators.

  18. And sir we have lift-off! break above 7200 and its back to fomo…

  19. Ethereum will Reach from $500 to $20000

    Best Cryptocurrency Market Binance


  20. Good Guys-Bad Guys
    SEC decentralized not a Security
    BIS, from Bloomberg, decentralized will kill the Internate, financials need to be Central.
    Seems a definite distinction between 2 opposing forces.

  21. I'm just ready for this bloodletting to end…it's a shit show

  22. Elastos buy buy buy 100x coin

  23. I agree there will be global currency destabilizing.
    But there are approximately 3-4 billion ppl without a bank account. That in time will be able to buy and sell globally.
    There labor and products !

  24. The concept of crypto having a hand in replacing or at least speeding up the process of killing fiat and the disruptive technologies coming out on the blockchain , as a whole , remain unchanged.. 100% — all you keep hearing about is companies starting crypto trading desks, institutional money discussing entry , disruptive tokens, etc’s going to happen , no doubt, certainly not as fast as I would like to see it but the crypto revolution is an inevitability it can’t be stopped —peer to peer transactions, once fully understood by the public , are going to change the world

  25. Why do we need regulations? Isn't the non aggression principle sufficient? Regulators are only good to be corrupt, and make laws for the biggest bidder!

  26. Bought some silver coins today

  27. EOS Year long ico with no test net what a fuck up

  28. Look at the TONS of crypto infrastructure being rolled out, and all the funds lining up to enter the space…the future huge for cyptos.

  29. As for government regulations, why not private oversight, e.g. UL oversees manufacturering? Private services with an earned reputation can be consulted. Government proves themselves untrustworthy over and again. Private enterprise can solve any problem much better than government.

  30. Always good videos! I wonder if clearing it as not a security that people will also use eth to invest in ICO's like cargocoin and fr8network. Definitely boost the ico market too and for healthy competition and clear out the other bogus projects.

  31. Buy the FUD sell the hype, buy EOS for your moon shot, because its the best platform on the market

  32. bitcoin is centralized controlled by blockstream sorry

  33. 'Global regulation'? Thats the last thing we need.

  34. Can you make a video for how Bitfinex exchange used people accounts with EOS to vote for Blockproducers??? This is extremely arrogant and centrelised and iligal !!!

  35. Or was Centra falsely accused Bix? Maybe Centra was standing in their way (read: our puppet masters = government, SEC etcetera..)

  36. Block Pierce payed trolls are like a pest. They are all over the place!

  37. EOS is decentralized…at least between the many (21) blockproducers 😉
    EOS is the biggest joke in crypto! It will fail…sooner than you think

  38. Eos isn’t decentralised but can it not evolve to be decentralised like ETH?

  39. SEC can’t shut down eth or btc

    It can shut down companies that have tokens – which can remove the desire to obtain the tokens. But sec cannot confiscate the tokens etc

  40. DGB you should do some videos on it 🙂 Let the people see

  41. Why would you want anything to do with pedifile
    EOS brock peice