Wednesday , December 12 2018
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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 6/8/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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  1. Sensational analysis. Honest opinion. genuine reasoning . There’s a reason why I’ve followed you for over a year now and have never gone astray from your perspective

  2. Whats your thoughts on the Steve and Pauline guy's latest video, as crypto university. He's got a theory that were gonna see 13000 next month and get rejected to lows like 2014. Tone keeps talking about how the market looks like it was back then. I'm just not sure if I can swallow all that because these etf's are coming into play. The way I see it, If there is a drop to 3000 that's going to get bought up so fast, we're not going to see that for long

  3. Thanks for another sanity check. The psychology of it is pretty amazing. I have RSI alarms set, so I heard the 1 hour getting oversold, but I just didn't really care. I'm sure I'll care when I get the FOMO, but right now it's hard to care when I'm expecting to sweat it out over the possibility of squeezing out 1% and can get stopped out any time I look away by the mad ETH dumper or the stop loss hunters. If I thought it wasn't just crooked whales and robots trading right now, I would be more interested.

  4. Dan! You are inspirational and motivational my friend. My do good thing for the day: I cane across a go fund me page for a friend of a friend whose child is battling cancer. I ended up donating double the amount I initially planned to because I thought of what you said once about comparing that amount to what I pay in trading fees or might lose on any given day with a bad trade and it was insignificant by comparison and yet I’m sure meant a lot to the family who received it. And what it gave back to me instantly was not only a good feeling but the motivation to step away from my computer and spend a little extra time with my kids this morning before they went off to school. Beautiful.

  5. Can we discuss how the MACD is about to cross bullish on the Weekly for BTC, LTC, ADA, and several more? IMO, things are going to take off, just might take some more time.

  6. Your last comment about spending time with the elderly is fantastic. We surely have a lot to learn from them and it would not hurt for them to learn from you how or if with their limited pension savings should they make a portfolio allocation to crypto. I applause your considerate behaviour. You made a similar point back during mothers day by making a remark like "call them twice" one day before and on the day. I did not give a round of applause but now I am giving it as applause squared.

  7. thank you for your videos!

  8. Crypto Jesus has spoken!

  9. youre such an awesome dude, that 80 year old prob loves those few moments people spend talking to him. Yes I watched till the end.

  10. consensus data and logic says this market is heading downward but on the other hand trading bot algorithms, market cycles and the big players are the ones truly running this market as opposed to the general public trend

  11. Dan for Crypto Presidency… Thanks for keeping us from losing our minds dude…

  12. Still interested Dan! Not much to do while we wait for the equilibrium to break. Love the daily updates Thanks!

  13. Hello, I think I should share my yesterday experience with you. While I was preparing for scalp, I saw the price manipulation first hand. That big bullish green candlestick trigger came from Bitfinex, 2.3k Bitcoins were "bought". Fortunately I happen to watch their live order book every time I am taking trades. And that order was not there, it was fake volume caused by liquidating shorts. Throughout the day margin short positions were rapidly increasing and peaked on that dip to 7555$, and by 06.09 00:45 (GMT+8) out of nowhere that giant green dildo appeared and 696 margin short positions were liquidated (roughly ~1.3k positions if you add BitMex).

  14. So rarely I write comments but this touched me a lot. Been thinking about the elderly as well and how little time I spend with my grand parents. Actually I am just getting dressed for a lunch at with my granny. Much love from Bulgaria Dan. You've really been a massive positive influence.

  15. Binance have been loading up in their own coin. BNB. They're waiting for ETH and BTC to rumble.

  16. You are the real Crypto Jesus! Continue to do good things!

  17. The big wigs will make the price go up so high so fast that Bitcoin LTC and ETH will not be affordable to the average person. Its the plan. They don't want a bunch of millionaires that they don't control running around.

  18. Thanks for the done work, I watch your videos long ago. What you can tell about the arbitration bot bibitbot com . Why all discuss him and praise and whether so he is good as they speak about him.

  19. Great Video! Please keep them up as we look at your video to know where the market is going! Look forward to viewing your videos everyday!

  20. Thanks for the done work, I watch your videos long ago. What you can tell about the arbitration bot bibitbot com . Why all discuss him and praise and whether so he is good as they speak about him.

  21. Love your “Do good things” speech at the end. I’ll donate some LTC/BTC just for that.

  22. I'm using the quiet crypto zone to look at other markets, Dan's got me interested in this Canadian MJ sector, and I think I've even found a broker whereas I can trade it from the UK. I'm curious however Dan, are there no U.S MJ stocks to trade yet? (not heard you mention such). And is this because pot is not legal nationwide yet? Thanks

  23. How does one trade Canadian MJ? What platform do you use? I’m interested but don’t know where to start

  24. I've been thinking the same thing about the exchanges (need a rally) while whales (bears) want cheaper coin. Meanwhile retail should watch the slow battle between the two. My feeling is the house always wins in the end. Whales have some edge tho because of the illiquidity. If the Market makers can ignite a rally it can break the Bears at least to get a clearer signal of direction.

    Thanks, Dan. You're a steady beacon before the storm and a bright light of positive energy in this selfish greedy world. Love your vibe and do good messages. Storm coming – 6.11.18 enjoy the show!

  25. Cheers Dan – You Da Man – Always Appreciated !!! 🙂

  26. Why would you think that the market would be bearish for 6 months if we get a bear break this week? We could get a bear break this week and then in a month get a bull break and shoot up

  27. why is canadian mj tradable?

  28. Thanks heaps 🙂 Also great message at the end. All the best!

  29. I've been having this problem where I got a job and can't look at charts all day anymore. I don't mind because I'm saving up most my salary to start a trading account, but on the other hand I feel so disconnected with TA I haven't been able to confidently make entries / exits on paper. Has anyone been rusty and found a way to get back to watching price action? At this point I'm unsure even though I had some confidence a month or so ago.

  30. Love your work. Always spot on! If we follow history(2013) we may have another week-ish(8-10 days) of consolidation then up to 11,500 ish. That's my hope. After that…we shall see…

  31. I stopped investing in crypto months ago, however I still watch your videos as there is much to learn about Technical analysis

  32. so much bullish news yet !!! nothing is happening !

  33. I just want to share IBM New tv advert about changing the world with blockchain technology after they attended coindesk consensus 2018, dont know what it will mean for the crypto space currently but looks like its going to be mainstream very soon

  34. Thanks Dan and the whole team. Seems like the quiet before the storm. But it's a fun place to be. Especially when the anticipation is buiilding.

  35. Brilliant – thanks! After being a cryptomaniac preaching trading altcoins against BTC for too long, I too am trading against USD rather than against BTC. So much safer.

  36. Thanks i watch everyday since 2017

  37. What a lie .what a shit prediction it actually went down 🙂