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What is Togacoin?

The digital age has been prevalent to many businesses (like Togacoin or Atlant Wings) and the international market, as it has introduced various channels and services to provide a safe and secured financial aid to customers; which leads to the invention of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital money that uses cryptography, which is developed and gathered electronically, using encoding methods to supervise the formulation of monetary units and to validate the transfer of funds. When a transaction is tentative, it can be falsified. On the contrary, when a transaction is approved, it can no longer be counterfeited and canceled, as it is already a part of an unchangeable record of archival transactions. Some companies are focused on the usage of cryptocurrency, while others as Togacoin combine this with their own business model.

TogaCoin is a crowdsourcing fund company that has been operating in the Information Technology field and data center sectors for 20 years now, focusing mostly on Europe. The company has various established and outstanding participation in digital technologies, especially on data centers. Additionally, the company’s main goal is to reduce the electricity use while incorporating the renewable green energy solution. They also plan to utilize the cryptocurrency mining, with housing services besides reselling of electricity and applications advancement of the web. This will eventually grant them to be ahead of other companies who are not backed by renewable energy and alternative cost-effective projects. Hence, the crypto-mining activity that the company will use, would be able to regulate the electricity price and accessibility since it is widely reliant on the energy supply.

The features that TogaCoin offers includes housing services, application design and development, electricity resale and Crowdsale. The funds accumulated during the crowdsale will obtain numerous hardware quantities that will finalize the mining activity and set up in two thousand square meters. The profit than from a specific activity will be dispersed once a month to the TogaCoin token holders only, (TGA) as an assistance. After having a token exchange (TEC), the TGA token will be filed in the most valuable exchanges, and the transactions will begin already during the crowdsale. The mining systems obtained during the crowdsale and set up at a data center will be transported within the company’s grounds once the data center is completed. Having an envisioned solution for cutting energy consumption, TogaCoin, will rise to the top as a company who does not only make profits but caters to the customer’s convenience.




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