Friday , April 19 2019
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Bitcoin Is Moving!! Whales Moving In | Ethereum & Zilliqa Technical Analysis |Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin Crypto Information At present: Bitcoin is exhibiting energy proper now, can we maintain the Bitcoin worth improve? Additionally, I make some technical evaluation on Zilliqa and Ethereum. Furthermore, VISA had a expertise outage in Europe. I am going to speak about this in relation to the crypto market. ? Watch the video!

1:04 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
four:32 Ethereum
6:56 Zilliqa
9:28 Bitcoin & Crypto Information

Visa Outage:
Whales MarketWatch:

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  1. 1:04 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
    4:32 Ethereum
    6:56 Zilliqa
    9:28 Bitcoin & Crypto News

  2. I don't think that btc can break out of the resistance line, why! I don't have a logical answer it's just my intuition that tells me so, since December & after death cross its a bear market so the resistance points are very strong and supports are relatively weak.

  3. excellent vid. This is the btc channel im coming back to everyday.

  4. good article on visa outage and why Pundi X will be explosive

  5. Didnt know uou where swedish ?

  6. I'm not convinced. Volume decreasing daily and several bearish daily candles. Looks like a bear flag to me.

  7. cryptos are the banks fucking morons!!!!!!!your mind only is decentralized!decentralize my ass!they pumped it then maDe all of us to get in and now they will rob us!where is the rocket?the rocket is out of fuel!people will lose their money.Coinbase is a fucking banK!FIRST YOU MUST PASS FROM THE BANK!INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS ARE IN AND THEY WILL LEAVE UNTIL YOU HAVE A FUCKING PENNY IN YOUR WALLET!EVERYTHING HERE ITS A PUMP AND DUMP!

  8. Eos pump their own coin after they sold their eth.

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  10. If the world went crypto yeah sure the network won’t go down, but if your city has lost it’s power for a few days or whatever…you’re thrown back to the dark ages…you have no money, you have nothing to do.

  11. Oyster pearl review please

  12. Thanks for the video. ??

  13. Great and one of the best.
    Do you believe in long term for ethereum ?

  14. If your on a Pc check out the bitcoin chrome plugin miner

  15. Can you comment the Day 6 in Last 5 months, all time reverse the trade on Bitcoin

  16. take note that the most holders of bitcoin, sold at the lowest price….way back in jan 2018

  17. i feel ike you should call ur channel the pump

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  20. As much as we all want bitcoin and all altcoins to go up, I think bitcoin needs to drop to at least 6500 in order to see a new wave of buyers. A lot of people have been posting the same thing on the YouTube comments section and to an extent, I agree. At this moment, there isn't enough volume for bitcoin to pass 8,000.

  21. A couple weeks later looks like your TA is wrong like everyone elses.