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The EOS Constitution / Weiss Rates 93 Cryptos: Top 7 / Ethereum Classic Hard-Fork / Ethereum Trinity

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Please watch: “?Boooom! Coinbase Custody Launches- Markets Soar! / BTCC Chinese language Alternate Reopens!”


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    00:00 Introduction
    00:31 Weiss Rates 94 Cryptos: Top 7
    02:25 Parity integrates Casper testnet
    03:02 Ethereum Trinity
    03:43 Ethereum Classic Hard-fork
    06:11 EOS FUD
    07:40 The EOS Constitution
    10:59 Conclusion

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  2. Great work Omar, thanks for the content

  3. Yeah the US has a Constitution but I don't remember ever getting a chance to read the terms and conditions before agreeing to being a citizen.. It seems to me that my parents were tricked into signing me up for a birth certificate and SS # without my approval since I was just a child.. This is how you are indocrinated into a what I would argue is a slavery system that you might not necessarily agree with..

  4. Crypto markets don't close.

  5. If you ever watched "The Big Short" you'll know that ratings agencies are worthless and shouldn't be given any credibility. With crypto it's even worse because they could just be shilling their own bags.

  6. I like this videos old is gold

  7. Love and appreciate all the content!

  8. Digibyte is the best coin by far and these clowns don't understand technology!!

  9. EOS is coming, get ready!!!!

  10. if i don't want airdrops can i keep it on my exchange?

  11. Agencies told us what is good now. Interesting ??

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  12. I’m excited to see how minting ADA will go

  13. More car videos. Just don't get rektd while driving

  14. Get a Segwit addy if you want donations 😉

  15. Omar, you have nice skin! Sorry I'm totally off topic here:)

  16. Where was the FUD from?…..Do we just on?

  17. Cardano rated above Bitcoin – Is this a late April Fools gag ???? It is meant to be Tech plus adoption. Well clearly ADA beats BTC hands down on tech and adoption…. I will just blindly accept that!!!!

  18. I mean you can't even run a decentralized ADA or EOS node but who cares about logic and facts – this is crypto.

    Cardano and EOS were more valuable than…Cisco, Oracle, Nike, Honda, SAP, IKEA, American Express, UPS, Ford, Ebay, Audi, VW, Nissan, Philips, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Porsche, Siemens, HP, Adidas, HP, Adobe, Starbucks, Nestle, Sony, Visa, Mastercard, Lego, Netflix, Paypal, Salesforce, KFC, Ferrari, Shell Oil, Tesla….sure why not???? Hey what the hell this is crypto come at me bro.

  19. Tron is rated at #7. A plagiarized white paper. That’s all I need to know right there. Weiss ratings hold no weight as I would like to think. Sorry but it at stinks of money under the table. Soul sold to the highest bidder!

  20. So glad i got out of EOS.

  21. Good to hear you made the comparison between the EOS "constitution" and THE constitution. The first thing that came to mind my mind when I read theirs was the stark contrast the wording has with our own Constitution and how it didn't even fit into the definition constitution. EOS should rename it to guidelines or TOS because atm it is confusing what the goal of it actually is.

  22. Storiqa coin has been up 23 % for weeks now wow.

  23. Socialist? Isn't voting democratic????!!! So…democracy is socialism?

  24. I would probably refer it to more of collaborative commons versus socialism. Capitalism does not work in most parts of the world – many people get left behind. We have the technology and computing power to create abundance for everyone. First time in human history where more people are dying of too much food vs lack of.

  25. It’s interesting but they shouldn’t rank coins that haven’t launched.

  26. US govt can toss my salad….

  27. think you forgot to mention Decred (DCR) which was rated same as EOS & ADA

  28. Charles Hoskinson and IOHK (of Cardano fame) supporting Ethereum Classic, is a big plus for ETC.

  29. EOS constitution? What prevents block producers simply making false statements about their involvement in multiple block producer groups?

  30. The more Crypt0…. The better. That can mean several things!

  31. Exodus Wallet is Registering EOS, No problem.

  32. TRON , LOL , i bet these ppl has no clue

  33. when eos coins are on exchange dont need to register right?

  34. Fake freedom of speech doe

  35. Ethereum Classic (The Original) will b a Monster… IMO

  36. Yesterday the decent quantity of tokens of Odyssey came from free distribution Consult, please, where it is possible to sell them? At what exchange?

  37. I like the early morning update.

  38. Weiss dice ???
    roll 'em again
    Make some lists
    Just not social-lists

  39. Weiss rating forgot to put A+ for Elastos.

  40. OMAR, you contradict yoursel youve hated on bitcoin cash and ripple., eos is a coin that is centralized, yet aims for more scalability, and ethereum is more about decentralization. You cant deny youve hated on ripple in the past just because it is centralized. youre just defending eos…