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EOS versus Ethereum and Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash with Rafael LaVerde

Anarchast Ep.419

Jeff Berwick interviews Rafael LaVerde of The Greenback Vigilante and Liberty Block. Matters embrace: the distinction between EOS and Ethereum, proof of stake, free market and ethics, parameters of voluntary change, Vitalik Buterin’s AI, overlord, EOS and Block One, Dan Larimer and the anarcho-capitalist imaginative and prescient, scaling points, miners and block producers, delegated proof of stake, Liberty Block contends to be essentially the most clear, accountable, and cooperative EOS block producer, the Bitcoin index. the ethos of the Bitcoin Cash neighborhood, some vital devs shifting to Bitcoin Cash, privateness cash, decentralized exchanges, crypto cults, crypto anarchy, Paul Sztorc and Hivemind, prediction markets, voting for Liberty Block

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  1. Some trolls on the internet call it Bcash ?I think shills like you are the trolls man, how about that ?
    Roger Ver and Bitmain biggest trolls out there… trolling Bitcoin with a cloned name coin. How about that ?
    What… you think if you put your face in a video youre not a troll? or nobody would call you out ?
    p.s. Too many views , too few dislikes, for a shill.

  2. Excellent discussion! The philosophies behind the tech is as important as the tech! One important take away is that it seems amidst the ico hype and cashing in on the volitility of the markets is that the players in this space may be taking their eye off the ball as far as privacy goes! Actually we all ( or just some of us) know how this ends. The mark of the beast system, as jeff pointed out. The question that remains is ; Can we enjoy an abundance cycle from the freedom offered by the potential of this tech before that evil system ? Because as jeff stated this tech can and would be turned against populations. That is a zero sum game. Can we push that out 100 years? Or will the spineless once again become the status quo as we watch crypto turn into some watered down crypto light ? You must assume that by hook or by crook, by seduction & corruption these central powers will not cede their power easily. I do not understand this categoric " privacy" coin dichotomy. How Is it that bitcoin / bitcoin cash is not private? Isn't a prerequisite for a crypto currency that they are in fact private? As your guest stated in so many words ; take away privacy from crypto currency & what is left? I'm left not understanding this seemingly lackadaisical compromise within the crypto space.

  3. Are you referring to to BTCC the new Bitcoin fork called “Bitcoin Core”

  4. I went & listened to Paul Sztorc for about 40 min and I don't like that guy at all. He basically states that ancap ideas are equal to any other ism & that isms are just signaling and vanity. I realize that we will never reach libertarian/ ancap through voting but To twist that into that the idea system is just some vain meaningless accessory is offensive. It is a fact that if a critical mass of general population understood the role of coercion & understood the monopoly on coercion & how coercion is both an invisible & physical barrier & understood that if removed, then we could enjoy a prosperity & abundance cycle. The utility of removing sanctioned coercion cannot be understated so right off the bat Paul Sztorc doesn't get it & as an ancap the guest should be ashamed for reccomending someone so short sighted on the philosophy. Furthermore it seems his innovation centers around " group think" / hive mentality. I personally don't think that in any way group think is an ethos! but the contrary. As george carlin stated;" I love and treasure individuals as I meet them, I loath and despise the groups they identify or belong to."
    I fell asleep listening to Paul Sztorc blatherings on group think & I have to go listen again to figure out if his ideas are worth a shit so far it isn't looking good.

  5. Versus Digibyte …. Digibyte wins!!!

  6. Same day I watched this major bugs revealed in EOS. Its a scam folks. Stick to BCH!

  7. Eos is way overvalued. Bitcoin Cash is way undervalued.

  8. Jeff i think u should abort the eos support…seems to be shady asf.


  9. Rafael, Please get your head out of your ass, you will not find reality in there!

    You say so blindly and ignorantly to trust EOS and Larimer and that you believe humans are good and everything will turn out fine? Why don't you take a look at history and maybe take a look around yourself! Before making such a ignorant statement.
    Or how about you take a look at Steem? It's a ugly mess, people are fighting each other on that platform like there is no tomorrow.
    So please get your head out of your ass and wake up.

  10. Amazing talk!!! The kind I would love to have some more of

  11. the amount of bullshit on this video is insane.

    they have no ideia what they are talking about.

  12. Will health & wellness take place again 2019? Probable dates please!

  13. Avery thing they say the opposite is true

  14. What do you know about Apollo Crypto?

  15. Ok… after 10 minutes in, the LaVerde chap does not make technical sense. This is babble… Jeff and Verde should stick to their professions.

  16. This is silly… Larimer has not made either BitShares or Steem viable. They is just developing hacks, making a lot of money, and moving on.

  17. Criptocurrencies were created by bankers, vitalik its the bitch of rotstchild

  18. EOS isn't even the main competitor to Ethereum, so I can't even take it serious. Until EOS can overtake Cardano or NEO in fundamentals they don't even deserve to be in the discussion.

  19. Neither of these guys get Bitcoin or crypto, True innovators and adaptors should ONLY promote Bitcoin, if it doesn’t succeed, none will. You can own your fork coins in silence but if you promote them, you are attacking Bitcoin and harming its adaption. I hope all these Bcash shills get to listen to their promotions in the future when everyone understands what their angle was

  20. Is it just me, or is LaVerde talking in circles?

  21. Rafael good as allways 🙂 I would like to see him talking something about making contracts….I prefer Contract Vault

  22. Comments here are total shit…

  23. EOS Pentagram Logo/Dan Larimer has created scam after scam and jumped ship also He said He "worked" with Satoshi who is a fictional character …any more red flags?

  24. Privacy is the most important thing. Otherwise, the crypocurrency has no worth whatsoever.

  25. Think you are great. We need a planet with more freethinkers.

  26. I like all these conversations. On the other hand, there is absolutely only one way there will be total freedom and peace in the world, and that will take place when the King of Kings and Lord of Lords returns to establish His Millennial Kingdom.

  27. I don't get how Dan Larimer is some kind of 'genius' just because he has launched a few projects. To me, Steemit is a big failure. Nice proof of concept, but really poorly executed. If you asked an actual journalist, they would tell you that they go back and edit or redact their stories regularly. Try that on Steemit. It's a huge oversight that he put the whole thing on a blockchain and once posted, it is set in stone. Sure, it's cool that people are being paid for stories that get upvoted, but that is the only thing of value over there. To me, Dan Larimer approaches blockchain with the finesse of a hammer.

  28. As always such value!
    Thanks so much guys!!
    ? ACEnDEB ?

  29. Jeff you should REALLY talk about (DGB) Digibyte it truly will blow your mind comparing it to Bitcoin or any other coin. I have been following you for years but you are missing the worlds best kept secret!!!! (((DGB))) it will blow your mind in 2018. Would love to meet you someday and share some incredible information with you.

  30. I always enjoy Jeff and the great minds he is connecting with.

    Whatever biased information or disinformation that's being spread from some of the people around and about with the Anarchy circles, truthfully they are attempts to destroy and implode the great people throughout the Voluntaryists and those involved with Human Freedom movement. The real essence that is being taught here and should not be taken lightly, is the very core of allowing Human interactions to be free from aggression and violence. Since many within the community have already agreed to these conditions of free interactions and voluntary expression, you can bet your ass that the mind is the next attack point, the ego, many people who would see freedom be ensnared will use the social fears and smearing people's names by spreading allegations and hearsay to take away from the movement. Loving all people involved in the Anarchy movement, even if there's been allot of infighting, the fact that Anarchy and Voluntaryism is being talked about so openly, as individuals I feel eventually we will free ourselves from egotism, if we've stepped away from the mindset of accepting aggression and violence so easily, it will only be time as we separate ourselves from the Human conditioning of Ego.

    As always, love your show Jeff!

  31. Eos is hype ethereum the real deal!!

  32. I would like to see an EOS app replace YouTube.

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  34. How come we can't have a picture with all of them

  35. Greetings from Brixton to Jeff and Raphael. Great discussion. All our futures are at stake. Respect to both.