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EOS Rumors and Conspiracy Theories – Ethereum Killer?

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  1. Very good video In the world of cryptocurrencies there will always be doubts about whether one crypto can overcome another. And in this case there has been an ongoing debate between EOS and Ethereum, as when they said that Ethereum could beat Bitcoin, although Ethereum and Eos have the same platform and a very similar concept … In my opinion, wait what they can offer.

    But I could buy them if I had anonymous characteristics. What do you consider to be the best cryptocurrency with anonymous characteristics?

  2. Have you had a chance of drinking a colombiana yet? I love that that stuff

  3. Why should people invest in a manipulated market?

  4. if you have 20 eos is that worth registering?

  5. Guys this is a really good ico. Please use my link and we both get a extra 5%

  6. Because of that video of yours i could have bought EOS for $1 and now i have to buy at $12. Now you get it😡😡

  7. Hi David,
    Are you saying that EOS is NOT A SCAM and their whitepaper is safe for investors?
    Did you invest into it? Yes or No. Are you honestly feeling comfortable?

  8. I hope all you guys that buy EOS stay safe and do well.
    But for me EOS is to risky for me to invest.brock has a very checked history.

  9. eos is a great project in my opinion, but we must not forget that it has many characteristics similar to ethereum, I do not think it reaches it, but if its throne can be threatened, in my opinion Eos seems very unoriginal to me, I would like have more innovative features such as anonymity and privacy, maybe that would give you what you need to get to Ethereum. What do you think?

  10. It's STEEM, not steemit, learn the fking difference already

  11. Cryto & Chronic is a bad idea…the herb, while technically legal in some states, is still illegal on the federal level. Simple US civics, Dave.

  12. Will I be killed in the streets as a trans-woman like in Brazil?

  13. We had similar driving restrictions during the 80s in Romania. You were allowed to drive only 3 days per week depending on your registration number.

  14. dude!!! day traders make the most money!!! What are you talking about??? you may mean day traders that dont know what they are doing…
    Stock exchanges hired the smartest people in the world to day trade.

  15. take a look at hexx! privacy coin with working zerocoin protocol, masternodes, cpumining(gpu/asic resistant), low inflation, fast transactions
    and forking with btc q3 2018, creating an upgraded bitcoin with zerocoin privacy and masternodes!!! currently sitting at 15mio marketcap and corrected from a previous high, now may be a good buying opportunity!

  16. Was in on this at 0.50 and sold at $17! Only had 18 though! I think I’ll get back in soon

  17. Good vid ! David thanks for being transparent and honest. Thanks for brining this guy on your show. EOS is the most exciting project in crypto. YouTube is a centralized POC. But here we are using it ?!?

  18. Dallas is the man, David is a dickhead. EOS will be no.2 by 2019.

  19. Would you please make a video on the tokens that are possible to be considered as securities please?

  20. How do you get airdrops? Where do you need to have your EOS to get airdrops? Do you get airdrops when your EOS is in the Exodus wallet?

  21. just for eos ?or other erc20 tokens to do this transition ? thank you

  22. If you want to get in to the Energy sector then check out Electrify (ELEC) Going to blow power ledger away. Elec is backed by OmiseGo and already working very hard to hit their goals. Do your own research but I would say it's a min 10X by years end.

  23. Very nice Vid again, David! Thanks for your content.
    There is an interesting issue, which is worth it to tell you I guess. You are in Colombia and help school kids in a very dedicated way. It is about a solution to help poor and uneducated people in a Third World continent! So there is a huge potential to improve the peoples quality of life. Regards, Sebastian

  24. The blockchain does not care if you're moving tokens or changing upvotes. It's all transactions for all it cares.

  25. The reason why exchanges do not automatically give people forks and airdrops is, that they have only a fraction of the coins that are traded on their platforms. Stock exchanges also trade 10 times more stocks than they actually have. That's organized crime.

  26. yeah Medellin is "Fun" for a few day visit. Live there for a few months, and you will sense the ethnocentrism of the Paisas. It's annoying as fuck.

  27. They tries to kill Ethereum by dumped the

  28. Hi David!

    I'm enjoying your videos for a long time now- thanks for providing this great content!

    I'm also a big believer that Cryptocurrencies will change the world in a good way. However, I'm not that good in making great videos but I also want to give something to the crypto community. I'm an iOS Developer from Austria and I've created a simple to use Crypo-Portfoliomanager in my spare-time. It's free to use and I would appreciate your feedback and of course the feedback of your community. Perhaps you also can get rid of your Excel Sheets than 🙂 ->

    br, Markus

  29. For Guide on how to link your bitcoin wallet to your Bitcoin Diamond click here:

  30. There are many interesting projects going on. I’m keeping a close eye currently on SciDex. The team looks really solid and project seems extremely interesting.

  31. That is definitely grate technology token. It can go up to 1 gran in a future 😎

  32. i missed eos under $1 because of you

  33. don't complain about about DPoS and airdrops when bitmain has is cock so far up bitcoins arse.

  34. Loom Network – Twitter-Scale Apps on Ethereum

  35. Don't drink while making videos, it's not very professional. No one wants to take advice from a drunk guy.

  36. Please review Parkres…