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BitMEX Says $50,000 Bitcoin In 2018, SEC On Ethereum And Coinbase Targets Big Money

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  1. 50k BTC? Nope, I do not believe it, not anymore after seeing how the BTC price is now controled by the CME Futures Market. Nope never happen.

  2. Thank you for your informative videos! i enjoy these a lot!

  3. "Something is happening behind this door, or in this meeting right here *points cursor at ladies on sofa*" 😀

  4. Dear Modern Investor, do I need to register my EOS coins if I have them on Binance or does Binance handle registration?

  5. They are not afraid they are uneducated on it. On top of all the bs news that keeps everyone confused.. even the educated..

  6. Well we are 6 months into 2018 so… not sure we can even hit 20k at this point.

  7. Were there any concrete announcements from ripple event or was it just snoop dog shimmying about?

  8. I don't understand coinbase excuse on securities seeing ETH has a possibility of being one….

  9. I'm putting as much cash into the market as I possibly can. I have faith. Keep up the great work Mr Modern Investor

  10. Any news on omisego bro?

  11. Consensus .i was there, never seen so much rented lamboos and Chinese Rolex watches!biggest scam ever.

  12. Something wrong here. Everyone is thinking that btc will be 50k even 1 million but it is very very obvious that btc is being pushed down constantly. So Modern investor how do you think that btc will skyrocket while the market manipulation is evident. Thank you.

  13. F..king Coinbase and Mount Gox. I am sick of hearing about them constantly.

  14. In my opinion we are to much in all the news, not being able to see the bigger picture. Cryptos are here to stay and the fact that the Coinbase will be adding ERC20 tokens (knowing that they are having conversations with SEC, CFTC and probably other influential people – they all know eayh other) leads me to conclusion that ether is not a security – otherwise they are having bad buisiness model in means of adding tokens and then removing them (thats based on the assumption that if ETH is a security, majority of ERC20 are also security)! Also in my opinion they know exactly how much money can be made (imagine investing in internet at its origins) and they (USA) are afraid what happens if they determine ETH as security – probably they will be left behind in years to come, some companys would most certanly left the country etc!
    So I have a strong felling that they are holding prices down, that they can set up their playground for institutions (so they can enter low), after that market will go insane… I am not saying that this will happen in 2018 but it eventually will… I don’t mind getting rich slow meanwhile learning a lot of how things work.. Getting “richer” slowly is also greater for your mentality, otherwise you get “lambos on the moon” type of folks.
    But that’s just my two satoshis…

  15. We are just sick and tired of coinbase

  16. If the SEC is to take 9 months to declare a coin as security , it means coinbase needs to wait for exactly 9 months or more , before having new coins on their platform, it makes no sense , no one wants to wait for coinbase , other exchange platforms like uphold havent violated security laws by adding ripple xrp .

  17. If everything goes correctly with EOS Mainnet, it’s going to be huge this year. New investors who missed out on Ethereum are going to punch the crap out of EOS. Lets face it, if EOS does go well, God it’s going to explode. How can’t it!? If its way faster than Ethereum and all these Dapps are going to come out with airdrops, watch out!!!

  18. Look man he is saying that to create FOMO! People are not stupid and knows he carries Bitcoin to drive price higher! The only thing I look at is price and that is it.. that tells the whole story

  19. These banks are stupid.

  20. Everybody is waiting for BIG money to enter Cryptocurency but it will take LITTLE money to keep it slow and steady for the long run and bull runs are only temporary.

  21. Hoping EOS holds strong around $12. Hasn’t went below yet.

  22. Funny how Vitalik actually congratulated Dan of EOS on Twitter and 15 minutes later deleted the Tweet

  23. With the U.S. being about $21Trillion in debt, more and more people are losing faith in the U.S. dollar

  24. Tim Draper ! You dont know his name by now ?

  25. Lol!!!! What a joke! Bitcoin $10k by December. If lucky.

  26. „Great British Pound“ :‘D. Just for fun, thank you very much for the content!

  27. I hope so that mean xrp will be $500

  28. Your channel is the best because you don’t have all that extra bullshit… thanks for keeping the channel news driven and free of bullshit?

  29. I dont see any big bull run this year until the regulations take place and big sharks buy all they can so they can do a pump and dump, 2019 will definitely will be the year to watch.

  30. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite, XRP, FunFair, Stellar, EOS, VeChain, OmiseGo, Salt, Waltcoin, Golem, Basic Attention, and Tron. What else should I invest in?

  31. I do not see the price heading to 50k, specially with the way the market is being manipulated. Maybe, just maybe in the next year.

  32. @the modern investor did you catch the new golem promo yet?

  33. Yeh everyone is just making their own fucking coins … why would they buy btc and drive the price up when they can just make and pump and dump their own…. too much greed

  34. Let btc first go over 10000 and than see further ,i hope this year 20000 this will be good,but with al the pump and dump and the big whales and fud and scam who are control the market we wil have to wait and see te rest of 2018.

  35. Eth classification won't make that big of a change as far as cause flippining. Every news does 10% at most.

  36. This guy is still predicting Bitcoin prices? I say 25,000 by October!

  37. The modern investor, what do you thik about Zilliqa?

  38. Great video! A ton of great info!!! Though I understand you must watch what you say in certain situations but if in your opinion, platforms like coinbase are putting big money first over the little guy wouldn't it be in the best interest of your audience to say so. Food for thought

  39. How come Chinese arent buying it up?

  40. Nobel Prize-winning Economist, Milton Friedman, 1999: "I think that the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of the gov't. The one thing that's missing, but that will soon be developed, is a reliable 'E-Cash'. A method whereby, on the internet, you can transfer funds from A to B, without A knowing B or B knowing A". What a brilliant mind. This is the 20-30 y/o's chance (but really anyone's chance) to do what their parents and grandparents and great great great grandparents couldn't accomplish. OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. We can change the monetary system in our lifetime. Gold, Silver, BTC, and LTC forever. I'm of the generation who graduated HS when the 07-09' recession hit. Going to college with 6 dollar fuel was not possible. Such a small window. Needed to work right out of school than go and cannot afford schooling. I don't believe in student loans, I want to stay sovereign. God gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. God Bless.
    BTC: 17CGxdjDvPWCohQXFARPmnkEkTG8eLbtFt
    LTC: LTouRbMC9SrEeQPU5g541Q98pU8vqyAYTf

  41. Trillions into Crypto, Doge coin? is faster, mature, in operations, popular, undervalue, ranked top50,best comunity team, upgrade on the way, etherium favor, buy a million while you can, before stamped.Thanks.

  42. I think Coinbase is simply trying to position itself to be ready to compete against the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan etc. Once Goldman enters Crypto, a few months later we'll see the flood gates open with several other HIGH level investment firms jumping in, Coinbase just wants to make sure they're established early enough to offer diversified enough solutions to handle ALL levels of customers, ranging from first time $100 entrants to multi-million/billion dollar companies/investors.

  43. Does anybody know that when Omisego launches that you will have to register your OMG tokens beforehand….like EOS is doing? Or will the exchanges handle it or will your erc20 OMG just magically morph into the final product? I havent seen or read about it anywhere and was hoping that one of you fine people knew the answer!! Thanks

  44. thank you so much Mr Frank for helping out of bankruptcy

  45. Bitcoin prices? I say 7,000 by 31 of Dezember! Never you will see the 10K on Bitcoin because the Wales dont let  just is pump and down cicle to near 8k than they sell and go to 7k, and so on.