Wednesday , September 26 2018
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Why Did The Market Fall?, Bitcoin Will Hit $36,000 And Ethereum Futures Launch

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  1. It feels like prices drop before big announcements—good or bad

  2. Here in S.Korea Upbit was raided by the prosecution office. I saw Upbit market share dip while the prices hit the abyss, moments when we heard that it was raided. Panic Sell moment herein S.Korea. Too much headlines about crypto causing fear and instability. Either Upbit or the government will be criticized heavily when an official announcement comes out.

  3. Good job. I like your videos, especially when you re taking your time. I'm able to process what you say. I have a 45 minute drive in the morning. Just keep it under 45! Maybe you can pump out another video around 2pm Pacific standard time. Lol. I'll share my wallet for my valuable input. Keep up the good work.

  4. think it will hit .001? I will buy when it does

  5. To everyone below: prices aren’t low. Crypto isn’t cheap. It is still expensive. 75% bought too late and too high, think about it. Please take a look what neo’s price was on 1/1/2017 lol then you will know what I mean. Or litecoin. Or ethereum;-). And then see the current prices. Ask yourself whether or not the prices are high or low. Lol.

  6. Ethereum futures launch at 4pm what day?

  7. Mt. gox trustee needs a slap across the face.

  8. You really think 8 k btc did this??? Seriously??? Whats gonna happen when the other 190 thousand dump?

  9. Hey Sir. Can you do a video on Pundi X?

  10. Honestly, you're just pulling 36k out of your ass.

  11. I've never been so bullish after having followed the market since 2013. So funny to see history repeating itself constantly, with weak hands selling at the least doubt. Knowledge is the only way to control emotions. That's why people investing quickly without knowing too much frequently end up selling with a loss.
    The more you study, the more dangerous a "stop loss" becomes.. which is a real paradox, compared with stock markets, I found. In my case, I converted everything into NANO and IOTA, 50% each. High risk for some, none for me, only "volatility"; question of perception as long as you don't sell.

  12. How do you pronounce Huawei?

  13. Bitcoin has been in a descending wedge. I wouldn't recommend buying until after it breaks out

  14. Cartels are suppressing the prices and they will use whatever power they have to do so. Look at prices of gold and silver after they started trading futures, prices have not gone back to ATH. This is happing with Bitcoin, 20k btc could take over 7 years.

  15. Dont sleep on cazcoin I already double my money platform launch june 9 easy money brother.

  16. I believe that ETH increase this Year will be higher than BTC in percentage of course.
    18 up to 20 hundred $ for ETH end of the Year.

  17. Im im total loss.. I lost everything