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Ethereum Proof Of Stake Mining – How To Be A Validator And Create Ethereum

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  1. Hell yeah! Another great video from the modern investor.

  2. To start things off… Whatever the case might be…

  3. Damn gonna be first one day…

  4. Ethereum and XRP are securities crew checking in!

  5. I don't have 1500 ETH, lol. Will there be staking pools of some sorts?

  6. Anyone else ready for $10,000 Ethereum?

  7. Minimum 1500 ETH for POS mining…

  8. even if only 1000 people stake ETH (Which I think is a very low number considering how many huge whales that have gotten into ETH when it was under $20, $10, $5 and even $1 who still hold a decent amount to today) those 1,000 stakers will lead to 1.5million less ETH being in circulation. Now things get really interesting when you think about these ICO's that have raised tens of millions worth of eth and still have a large portion laying around, will they decide to stake ETH? Lets up the numbers, lets say that there's 10,000 ETH accounts being Stakes (doesn't necessarily have to be 10,000, there could be individuals who own multiple wallets with over 1,000 ETH) that would lead to 15,000,000 ETH out of circulation, which is a decent portion of the overall current circulation supply…. and then lastly the whales who are going to fomo in and try to scoop up 1500 eth soon. I can honestly see ETH price skyrocking in the near future

  9. Eth to the moon! Don’t forget the mining pools. People with 100-1000 eth will drop them in a pool. People with 1k eth will buy 500eth for a stake. I think a lot of eth will be locked away. The price will blast!

  10. I hope they don't get into over their heads and blow their sh*t up…

  11. i have 2 ethereum in my portfolio… almost there!

  12. Once again – appreciate your hard work on these videos!

  13. You should give more attention to the Neo ecosystem. Tons of airdrops going on right now.

  14. You should give more attention to the Neo ecosystem. Tons of airdrops going on right now.

  15. Three videos from you today?? You're spoiling us…

  16. I think that's the craziest idea. I'd never buy into not be able to cash in.on my ether. No way

  17. Why don't they just give the market to xrp are you kidding.

  18. I think they price of Ethereum will hit 2500-3000 at the end of this year. I think the staking conditions are well thought out and I believe that Ethereum could help run countries.

  19. Great videos by the way, the community really appreciates your work and I have been listing since October. I always look forward to your videos!

  20. Confused??? ? Can we get an explanation on how this works without the tech talk please ?

  21. Hi quick question.. if you had ETH and BTC through robinhood app would you get a wallet? Thank you

  22. Great vid. Too bad I only have .001 eth.

  23. 4 month is not good!!!! Or is???

  24. 5% a year!? To little???

  25. So what would be my profit if I put 1500 ETH in?

  26. Problem with eth is that there is no cap, so it really doesn't matter if tons of people lock up their eth.

  27. Oh man. So to stake ether I only need to be ritch? Oh wow it's so easy.

  28. What a joke of a network. The world needs HPB and EOS as soon as possible

  29. Amazing vidéo man… I'm very impressed with your delivery broski 🙂 thumbs up

  30. Hey man, can you recommend a good wallet?

  31. Surely locking up so much ether will cause liquidity issues, and what if Vitalik's "joke" of limiting the total supply of ether becomes a reality. IF PoS increases the validators in the network (which is the aim to increase decentralisation) then there will be less ether for utility purposes. Furthermore, I agree with your comment that less supply will increase prices but increased prices will discourage users to become validators due to the cost of stake.

  32. I would also like to say thank you again for all the videos!!!! U R NR.1

  33. I'm done with crypto Nasdaq in new your stock exchange, Goldman and the market tanks been in since Jan all I have done is lost money I'm out