Monday , June 17 2019
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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 5/10/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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  1. I´m going to do some exercises….getting my eyes off the computer works wonders for energy levels

  2. Bears definitely have the edge, bull volume is not at all convincing right now. Although, macd crossover/turn around looks good, and so does the RSI bullish divergence.

  3. NO. STOP. OUTS! Got to be a tactic to avoid that shit. Each trade spread over multiple exchanges maybe? I dunno.

  4. Best chart guy in crypto , hence the name lol

  5. #DoGoodThings Picked up some litter today and didn’t hate the perpetrator. Just cleaned up after them. Nice

  6. Hi Dan, I just wanted to point out that your recent videos have been having some random static booms every once in awhile. For instance, you can clearly hear a electric buzz around 15:27 that really numbs my earbuds into bazillion pieces… and hopefully that's not just my imagination.

  7. No volume on your head and shoulders. Not a head or shoulders.

  8. We're fine will hit 11k next week.

  9. Thank you! Hey, I am not trying to be disagreeable, because I admire your good work. But several Elliott Wave TA's predicted this exact correction. Is Mt Gox responsible every time there is a dump?

  10. Dan is the man, rockin the charts and doin the good things. Thanks Dan!

  11. Noob Trading Lesson of the Day. Don't place limit order just below active trading and then look away for 20 mins! Stupid red avalanche!

  12. Thank you Dan for the great video info, Hope we can see a bounce soon on BTC

  13. My good thing today was riding my bike to do my errands… So where would you set your stop loss on ETH if you couldn't watch the chart all day? 708 ish?

  14. Bears have the edge, just like bulls had the edge last week. It really doesn't matter. This market rises and falls so quick, there seems to only be so much TA that is relevant. You r either stuck in a trade, or as things go up, you get out too soon, and miss a bunch more gains, or you hang on too long, and gain are gone and then your minus and back to hodling.

  15. You are the best 🙂

  16. What numbers do you use for your EMAs?

  17. Your animation had bitcoin at $5000 yikes lol

  18. Hand raised, other one over my eyes, yes Brent started into BNB at $14.40 ~08:50 Alaska time thinking he was hot shit catching the one breaking out, only to get distracted by a phone call then catching the fake out when BTC showed it who’s BOSS going the other way.. I got out minus $15 in tocos. I totally knew when I saw BTC hadn’t broken out with BNB this could get ugly quick, cause this pullback was overdue…

  19. NetPics Trading on YT did an interview with Anne-Marie Baiynd _ wonder if Dan or anyone has listened to her much or read her book, The Trading Book?

  20. i flushed twice today at work #dogoodthings

  21. MtGox funds were moved a few hours earlier

  22. Earlier in the week I shorted ETH on Bitfinex at $830 and closed at $690 bagging me a nice 16% gain! Bears have regained edge and I think we are headed back down for the next two weeks

  23. Kinda racist to never include "burrito", dont you think Dan? I would love to see Burrito get some props aswell, and that is the good thing i did today.

  24. Great vid again Dan! Thanks. At around 4:50 you mention that on another leg down your average was $730 and you would add to your position. May I ask if you actually stop yourself out of that position before re-entering lower or is that not how you would do it? Thanks again! Fav daily dose of crypto right here! Yeeeew!

  25. Gox has to be selling them otc unless they're idiots.

  26. Always a pleasure brotherman!

  27. Thank you Dan, even days like this we can make money .

  28. The good thing I'm gonna do today is return a phone to a stranger I gave a ride to when they ran out of gas. I found it 2 days later. It wasn't locked so it contacted them and there are driving 2 hours back so I am cooking them food to take home just because I love cooking and loosing your phone is tuff. It makes me hungry! Thanks Dan!

  29. What do you find is the best means of keeping up to date with crypto news?

  30. love your videos ) thank you!

  31. "I want to go into the ocean" – Legendary Statement that.

  32. I think it can drop lower down to the previous lows.

  33. @Dan, I think this could help for oversold bounces

  34. Your analysis might be the best on YouTube always spot on ?

  35. Check out crypto price manipulation. Prices start going up at exactly the same time of day shows a coordinated effort

  36. More like the whale bots have control over last several months….once we get new investors in this market hopefully things will change…