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Ethereum mining profits hold steady 5-9-2018

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Ethereum mining profits hold steady 5-9-2018

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  1. Good video, keep posting more

  2. Nvidia has cards againon their site! good luck!

  3. Loving some of them profits ahah XD

  4. I don't think the 1060 3GB will perform the same, NVidia used a some shady naming practices when they released that card. I don't remember the specifics but the Gamers Nexus guy said there's a lot more difference than just the memory. At the time he said it had more in common with the 1050 & it should've been called the 1050 ti (this was before there actually was a 1050 ti).

  5. Hey brandon DM me if you wan buy gtx 1070-1070ti i have 5 of em

  6. BRO – you got an 1080 – there is a tsr patch for those cards – you can mine ETH with a 40% boost. Did you check it ? You have to manually select to mine ETH in nicehash. It will be more profitable and stable than mining RVN on it …

  7. ETHlargementPill ftw

    Run ETHlargement. Then benchmark dagger algos on nicehash. Watch that 1080 crush it

  8. I don't check my profits much. Just holding long term and no plans to sell. Just as long my shares are coming in, I'm happy regardless of daily profits.

  9. Brandon what OC setting u've putted on the 560's cus im only getting 9.4 MH/s

  10. How much does splitter drop the hash rate when used instead of a single PCI slot? I enjoy you videos each and everyday.

  11. a $1.15 on nicehash for gtx 1060 3gb on nicehash havee zotac mini model

  12. I said in comment below the spell bot spam will have the gtx 970 1050 2x 1050 ti thst board will be maxed I did think of a riser that splits into 4 but not sure if the old e2xxx 775 socket cpu and ddr2 ram will cope idea is to leave it earning and upgrade mobo but not sure of octominer meaning new case this would be a home built one that acts like the one you can buy for it to make it a wind tunnel or go for a mining board that uses the frame I have I see raven is making more money I think I'll stay with nicehash legacy for now as it is simpler keep up tell content and hope they monetise you soon or and psu was cleaned after photos was mocking up where things would go when photo was taken

  13. JMS Vlogs just mentioned you at the end of his new video.

  14. Gamesfromspace likes what you did with their site. They wants to talk with you. LOL

  15. I am trying RVN on my 1060 3gb rig and it looks like mining ETH is more profitable. 8 hours has gotten me only 54 RVN

  16. Don’t buy a 1060. Buy a 1070 ti with me.

  17. Spartan stole my heart, mining stole my sole, brandon stole the money off my nightstand

  18. I’m always mining the opposite of you. I was on raven coin but now I’m on nicehash. I don’t think the ravencoin profitability calculator is accurate. I was switching between nicehash and rvn and the profits per day where pretty much the same.

  19. please tell me rx 570 mining rate in nicehash in usd. I wanted to buy rx 570. is it good for profit? do you have any suggestion in this budget?

  20. brandon i see on new egg a gtx1060 6gb https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA6ZP56T5380&ignorebbr=1 is this a good deal? i only want one to get one as i have 8 1050ti and 1 1070ti