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The REAL Difference Between Ethereum and EOS

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  1. This is really great! Thanks for putting in all the effort to make this.

  2. Outstanding upload, thanks for your insight, EOS appears to be a superior investment.

  3. Thank you, good overview !

  4. Great work! I've learned a lot! Thank you for your video!

  5. Amazing job. This is the #1 video showing the differences. Very encouraged on the future of EOS

  6. Hey there! Great presentation, would love to incorporate some of it in mine. Do you mind sharing the sildes? I'll be sure to give credit 🙂

  7. Great video! Thank you !

  8. Awesome content, I would say on the Decentralization slide however one can argue Ethereum is more centralised given it's existing mining pools compared to EOS's 21 BP's.

  9. Brilliant work! So refreshing to see a non-shill comparison of the two platforms. Upvoted,posted and tweeted (I'm @crypto_jesus)

  10. EOS with 21 Nodes, in theory seems more "centralized" than Ethereum, BUT with community voting choosing the 21 block producers….it is in practice more decentralized

  11. Awesome video mate. Will use the info here and make a video of my own. I will of course credit you.

  12. Pretty good. Would have been good to include performance comparisons and timelines for roadmaps. When Sharding? When Plasma? When Multi-Threading on EOS? When XYZ… Some of the features you talked about exist, some are yet to come for both Blockchains.

  13. Next up: EOS vs Cardano vs Tezos (please!)

  14. EXCELLENT video. So much informed info in such a concise video. Thanks a lot!

  15. At 8:56 your slide is not correct. Ethereum is not more decentralized when you realize that just 3 ETH-mining pools have a network share of more than 50%. So you need just these 3 mining pools for a 51% network attack. On the other hand EOS has got 21 Block Producers (BP) – so you would need 11 BP for a 51% attack. EOS is way more decentralized than Ethereum.

  16. Great review, I hope there are more examples of contracts in the wild behaving like you mention here. I think practical examples could help enlighten the differences.

  17. I definitely think EOS is going to be huge, bigger than ethereum most likely, have you seen how many Dapps were created recently. Gambling Dapps are getting a ton of traction, especially http://www.eosplay.com

  18. So fantastic to see an actual objective video (apart from the "philosophy" section). The crypto space is too full of kids shilling their coins in an attempt to make it go higher. Maybe a Litecoin vs Dash next time? 🙂 They are both forks off of BTC, but they are really going two different ways to become the payment solution of the future.

  19. Just wanted to comment for anyone watching this now (April 2019), much of the information in this video about EOS is outdated.
    EOS is very fluid by design, and the network changes as token holders come to consensus on the direction of the network through voting in Block Producers who align with their vision.

    So in fact in EOS, these days it is very similar to Ethereum's "Code is law." There is no arbitration, the constitution is is in the process of getting a massive facelift (Google "EOS NY EUA" for more info), and no one uses ricardian contracts. Transactions are not reversed, blacklists are not used, ECAF has been removed, etc. Code is still able to be updated by developers, and that won't change until developers stop making bugs in their code (*cough* never).

    Hope I help someone!