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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/8/2018 by

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  1. and magnetically . lets send that positive energy to everyone in cities and who missed the end of this video, the best part every time.

  2. Thanks for the health tip- I've heard about the whole earth magnetic's field making contact with your feet, but never looked into it.
    Edit: Woah, Dan just found a NCBI study on this, look it up! "Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth's Surface Electrons:

  3. As a barefooter runner I confirm that if you stay barefoot for enough time to reactivate your proprioception and feel the benefits you can't turn back! 😀

    I love your analysis on candlestick, this is what I feel I need to learn order to give a better interpretation to indicators and chart patterns!

  4. Wow, that 70's sweater belong back in the closet! LOL

  5. Loving these videos man. Really helping me to further my understanding of TA along with the two courses.

  6. Ha! My kids and I were just out in our backyard this evening digging up dirt for the veggie garden we've been constructing. I was wearing a pair of flip flops and enjoying the feel of dirt between my toes and it actually made me think of you Dan. The universe is connected in strange ways. Thanks as always for the fantastic video! Couldn't trade without it.

  7. This reminds me: a shoe sales man 10 years ago told me…
    “ put your money in your bed , tires and shoes because your always one of them”.
    Growing up as a very poor farm kid I’m pretty sure I didn’t have shoes till I started school. I vaguely remember being able to run across gravel and not flinch. Today just the idea makes me cringe. Hell im on perfect flat surface so much with boots that when I rarely get to wear sandals in my yard I damn near roll my ankle just on the small bumps in the grass. However with the great advice from a shoe salesman on prioritizing my money and your excellent advice on TA (investing) will hopefully lead me out this bs Factory job and back to shoeless FREEDOM ?

  8. Thanks Dan, appreciate the swing trade info / perspective you are bringing in

  9. Grounding… Walking on wet grass, earth increases the charge/discharge.

  10. Dan, check out “grounding” as anti-inflammatory treatment you should do. Keep grounded!

  11. Dan thank you for using the word hypothesis appropriately where most people would have said the word theory, they are entirely different things

  12. Dan should be lead singer of a grunge band ? "antifomo"

  13. thanks man, always great veiwing

  14. Get them vibram five fingers buddy

  15. Thanks Dan – great report!

  16. Dan, please keep these funny touches (can't find words, brain too tired) coming. Also, special thanks for covering swing trading more frequently as well…
    Also, grew up walking bear food %80 of the summer season and still trying to practice it whenever I can.

  17. Why not just go for a foot massage or acupuncture?

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  19. What if you hit a nail barefoot… there goes some coin

  20. IT DOES HELP!! Thanks Dan

  21. Please never stop these video's I'm learning more and more every day! Thank you very much for your insides!

  22. Wish you covered EOS dude, a fantastic example of TA not working…

  23. Would love to walk barefoot where I live but can't……toooo many goatheads – Tribulus terrestris (Not the friendly fury kind).

  24. Launch ICO. Create own cryptocurrency

  25. dan where do you trade i am looking to find a good place to trade cyrpto do you use the typical exchanges or other places.i am in Aus so in the search and would love some feed back please

  26. It depends where you live. Walking bare foot in nature or on a beach is great.However when you live in a big city… trust me you are not gonna walk barefoot on the streets unless you are high. There is all kinds of crap thrown around, there is broken glass everywhere as well as used needles a wrong step will cost you your life.

  27. barefoot here too buddy! So important for true health!! 🙂

  28. so true what you´re saying about your feet. A good friend of mine here in Buenos Aires does reflexology, amazing how that generates relieve for the whole body. Here´s his fb: 😉

  29. ?
    I’d like to order a case full of anti-fomo spray! Is there weekly recurring order option available?

  30. Dan, just out of curiosity, what is your major in college be4?

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  32. ExpertOption is a fantastic and modern tool for all traders, been using for over a year now