Monday , December 10 2018
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XRP & Ethereum Judgement Day – My Strategy! – A Security Or Not

At present is an important day for cryptocurrencies.
The SEC can have a gathering and individuals are panicking pondering that they may deem XRP and Ethereum as securities.

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  2. Today is just a Shit Show

  3. G20 concensus 2018 eventually by next week ,might help to justify the situation..thanks for the info chris keep it up

  4. however Bitcoin has already been CLEARED…

  5. by my little knowledge all illegal stuff is expensive 🙂 How are they thinking to find and bring all owners of ETH to court?
    Mr Chapman has a good youtube film about how market makers are being tricked. This was only the second touch of the 10k level, one more touch before btc brakes through.

  6. also most of the icos have their funds in eth If they are very dependent on it they will be tempted to sell at higher price (if eth deemed as security)

  7. Are we sure that earnings from cryptocurrencies are not already taxed? For example if you transfer 10.000 dollar earnings to your fiat bank account are they not gonna be subjected to liabilities?

  8. Thank you for the info, keep it up!!

  9. Does anyone know that a meeting is really happening?

  10. No habia pasado por aca amigo, me unire a tu canal para obtener mas informacion de como empezar en este mundo de las cryptomonedas

  11. at what time will the meeting ?

  12. Yes I did it, I joined. Great compo, great incentive with great info. Keep up the great work!

  13. Dude, btc is dead.

    Bch is the original chain

    Unless your a gullible sucker it's pretty easy to determine which one will win.

    Dump the fantasy tokens of eth and ripple, get real money. Gold silver and BITCOIN CASH

  14. I think some of the pull back came from the Berkshire Hathaway meeting the other day where Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger weren't quite in support of cryoto

  15. Do you believe in tether? What when these bubble pops?????? Right we going down make There a video

  16. I dont think they can rule in one sitting lol

  17. Do you want to drive Lamborghini? Maybe I would like to have a cliff villa with beautiful girls? Then invest in Zilliqa! If you are a rough sleeper and dead beat, take part in the giveaway

  18. Its a FUD the meeting, no meeting

  19. I invested 15 k in eth because I predict it to go straight up. If bitcoin is not a security then how can eth and Xrp be considered security.

  20. Soooo….. It's looking like the meeting was all FUD! Just a rumor. SEC has no record of a scheduled meeting today according to the SEC (correct me if I'm wrong please!)

  21. It was obvious that it wasn't going to go up, the volume wasn't there to justify.

  22. I bought at over $19,000, you are still a genius to me


  23. Read on reddit that it is FUD article

  24. Apparently the SEC stuff was all FUD. Please double check your sources! Call the SEC if you have to haha. Great videos!

  25. Today is not an announcement more of a closed meeting to get a group of people to investigate if xrp and eth is deemed as securities before presenting there case to the public . This will take a lot of time maybe about a month.

  26. !!! DUDE – haven't watched yet, but just had to comment – love the vid pic – absolutely exactly where were at !!! 🙂
    wow – 22k subs – well done !!! 🙂

  27. Fake meeting, fake news from a person that didn't even what to tell his name. Stop spreading the fud, get to the facts first. Stop following the crowd and get to the facts.

  28. The meeting was a completely made up story. FYI was confirmed fake news.

  29. Cool video…pretty useful for my tutorials.

  30. The SEC just ruled that ETH is actually a restaurant and only gave them 2 stars and said to avoid the fish! lol. pfft…people are dumb!!! Fyi this whole issue of ETH being a security or not – does not exist at all! The SEC already ruled that ETH is not a security and that its a commodity! Now people are saying there is a work group…that is not true either! The sec has already ruled on this along time ago…ETH is not a security!!! The SEC CHAIRMAN EVEN ANNOUNCED IT…..A LONG TIME AGO!!! THERE IS NOTHING TO THIS STORY- PURE FUD TOP TO BOTTOM!

  31. This crypto is a test!
    1st it can't carry over to quantum.
    2nd every fine print has Cam or MIT
    Go to Asgardia….Take the oath, get a view behind the curtain.

    There is a bank being created and they will use two crypto coins!

    None listed in this crypto test….like I stated don't believe me….Do your research I gave enough info for free!

    I wouldn't risk the whole house and only play with free crypto just to see how it works!

    Mining the moon is just one resource it's now being marketed!

    America has no clue of how bad shit is going to hit the fan!

  32. Please Moon? ETH – one example – was 0.78 in late 2015, and hit 1,300+ toward the end of last year. In thousands of years of economics, investment and trade on the planet, metrics like that, across an entire asset class have never been seen before. Crypto assets are now in outer space. Please moon? They did, it's done!

  33. Less videos and MORE info. You don't need to pump out a video a day. Take the time to do the research for a day then make a video. You will get a stronger response. Keep up the good work!

  34. I participated in the giveaway

  35. Nice video What happend with this meeting? I joined the giveaway

  36. again stupid FUD ,,,,ETHEREUM IS SUPERIOR COIN i love him

  37. It seems to be a close door meeting
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