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Look Out: Ethereum Is On The Brink Of Being Declared A Security

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  2. Seems like a security but hope it is seen your way tomorrow.

  3. If Ethereum is deemed as a security, it also means Ethereum Classic is a security.

    That might put Ellaism in a unique situation.

    Ellaism is a pure Ethereum like blockchain the blends the best of ETH and ETC. Ellaism had no ICO or premine and no mandatory dev fees, making it as squeaky clean as Bitcoin in the Ethereum universe.

  4. thoughts on xinfin xdce hybrid blockchain public and private channels same as ripple but with smart contracts

  5. I've got butterflies. I'm cautiously optimistic that it will not be deemed a security and it will trigger confidence and impulsive euphoria. This could be the pivot point of 2018 ?

  6. Declaring it a security is an act of financial terrorism.

  7. declared a security by who exactly?

  8. There is no rhyme or reason to SEC when it comes to cryptos. They want them all to Be securities. Many ICOs got good lawyers and were advised “ you are a utility” but SEC says security. We will see.

  9. Yea it's like if I say im queen of England, everyone needs to support kraken for being the only non pussies to tell the fec to shove off. Crypto and the crypto markets are a competing parallel system to Fiat and there no reason to accept fec ruling or irs nonsense. Only time you have to interact with them is when you cash out to Fiat

  10. Cheers for everything you do in this space Chris!!

  11. This will set an interesting precedent either way it goes. It does seem like it's a security, technically speaking. I'm no legal expert but the few people I've consulted with tell me if the token is sold as an IOU for a product that will be developed at a later date (in other words, there's currently no product) then it's a security, pure and simple.
    Furthermore the language used by the Ethereum team referred to participants as investors. Implying you're "investing" in something.

    Long term I doubt this will matter. However it will be interesting to see how the industry as a whole reacts.

    And we can't ignore the fact that if US regulators label Ethereum a security, that'll have a significant impact on the US-based crypto community, and a negative one at that. US regulators will not ignore this fact.

    Technically speaking I do believe it's a security, but it may get a pass from regulators as it will deal a pretty heavy blow to the nascent crypto community in the US. And they're all about strategic advantages over there… This isn't the EU with their moronic unpractical rules…

  12. Awesome. Thx for the summary.

  13. IF ETH is listed as a security, will that affect the ERC 20 tokens on it and specifically how would it affect EOS as it is currently on the ETH network?

  14. Ethers being a security or a commodity in the eyes of the SEC is a non-event.
    Get over it people: it's the technology and the network effect that matter.

  15. inb4 ethereum is declared a security and polymath shoots up 1000%

  16. Do yourselves a favour and stock up on Digibyte. Set to deservedly explode this year. ?

  17. Not sure which way I'd prefer it to go… ETH was initialy sold without a working product. If the Ethereum founders had built ethereum, THEN sold ETH, they might be in a better position, but as it had no working product, how can it have been just a utility token?
    If the Howey test is applied consistently, then Ethereum is probably in trouble…
    Many purchacesrs didnt have the knowledge or skill to make, and instead left it to the founders. many purchacers expected to make a profit from it as a result of the efforts of someone else. so from that perspective it makes them investors/ speculators, and ETH a security.
    so the question is did investors expect to see a profit from buying ETH?
    The fact is many have, and considering the ICO craze its hard to say 'no'…

    If ethereum is slapped down it could be bad for bitcoin too, spreading fear in the market.
    Not the words you want to hear; "I'm from the government and I'm here to help"

  18. There is no forthcoming decision tomorrow. That is a rumor.

  19. Thank you, this was informative. Any reason your list coins does not have ADA(Cardano) in it? Considering POS staking and advanced smart contracts are going live soon you should at least notice it.

  20. Hi Chris thank you for the informative and classy videos you produce always…could you do an in-depth analysis of RAVEN COIN..this project has flown right under the radar but has been created to avoid all legal problems and also not be controlled by ASIC has contributions from hundreds of BITCOIN core developers and has almost 100 million USD put in by PATRCK BYRNE of OVERSTOCK…could you break down how RAVEN COIN will absorb WALL ST and SECURITIES and also how it will interact with TZERO and POLYMATH..many thanks in advance Dominic

  21. Eth will be declared not a security in it's current form, but going forward all icos will be under sec scrutiny. As for ripple, I am not as optimistic.

  22. This SEC bs is so stressful, they don't even understand… just let the space thrive, this is a technological revolution.


  24. DigiByte DigiByte DigiByte.

  25. Etherium is definitely not a security. How can it be a security when there is no etherium company? Good luck to the politicians trying to collect corporate income tax. Absolutely ridiculous!

  26. How is it a security ? ETH is a hard fork and is mined. NOBODY invested in it, it was dropped free to ETC owners! So if anything is a security, it's ETC not ETH.

  27. Anyone who's ever followed the precious metals knows the regulators are totally captured by our enemies, the banksters, so the absolutely cannot be trusted to act fairly or rationally.

  28. How / Why is this effecting NEO, Elastos etc.?

  29. Guys this is ridiculous. ETH is NOT a security by any definition. Calling anything but an ICO a security requires a massive redefinition of what 'securities' are in the first place.

  30. l told you ppl a thousands times already. government needs control crypto n money talks so simple money all day long

  31. what happened is it or isn't a security ?

  32. Pls do a review on Etheroll (DICE). Will MOON to $40. Best DaPP to play dice.

  33. In my opinion, any crypto raised through ICOs may logically be considered securities …

  34. Anybody notice Chris has got a bit more swagger after this EOS run? 🙂

  35. Off the point though, but this guy looks like Zidane. Am I the only guy that is observing this?