Wednesday , September 26 2018
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May Is Last Time Bitcoin Is Under $10,000, Russia May Use Ethereum And SEC Decision Imminent

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  1. Maduro hyper inflated the Bolivar. I'm sure he'll do the same with the Petro.

  2. If russia are aiming to switch SPFS to a blockchain by 2019 then I think that sort of rules Etherium out as it won't be ready by then. If cryptokitties completely choked the blockchain then I hate to see what a whole nations payment system will do to it. Plus I get the impression they would favour a home grown blockchain one they could completely oversee. Or maybe the meeting with Vlad has lit a fire under vitalik buterin to get some progress underway and fast track some tech to get the SPFS onto etherium that's possible I suppose. I think the Russians are just seeing what is on offer exploring all avenues but my gut feeling is they will choose a blockchain closer to russia if it happens with a tps that could handle the data … cough* Universa cough*

  3. @The modern investor – You can livestream this event while eating popcorn – perfect scenario :)… Do you know where can we find the link for SEC event?

  4. Look it up what is going on in the Norther border of Brazil and Venezuela, the refuges crisis that Brazil is having to put up, hundreds of Venezuelans are crossing the border every day, trying to scape hunger, violence and a Gov that is nothing but a bunch of "leftists" that love to live like any rich elite of the west world, but at the cost of the peoples misery. Cheers

  5. Bitcoin is a security… All of the hard forks guarantee returns… ethereum, not so much (opinion)

  6. Can you talk about Storiqa please

  7. Why would any goverment choose Ethereum over Cardano, come on
    Rather wait for Cardano then stuck with Ethereum, right
    It is too serious n too important to joke n risk with Ethereum, the third generation which is more sofisticated is an option but that Ethereum is a joke

  8. I congratulate the purchasers above 10k. It are the losers of the future.
    I believe in fundamentals.
    Probably too difficult for the believers.

  9. "not to spend too much time of this" after spending a lot of time on 'this' has to be your catchphrase, hehe. 🙂

  10. ticker form cryptoruble ?? any if yet ??

  11. One quick point, if Ethereum is chosen for a defacto government crypto, while it means it will be supported, it doesn't at all mean it will maintain its value, if anything it will probably go down. Simply look at the value of the US Dollar or history of most nations, they will find some way to exploit it. If I was in control of Consensys, I'd keep it as private as possible.

  12. Modern investor is definitely subscription worthy. I love how he gets right to the point and doesn’t waste your time with 5 minutes of introduction meaningless bullshit. Why so many crypto youtubers do that is mind boggling. Tone Vays is notorious for 10 minutes of introduction irrelevant bullshit. That’s why I don’t watch his YouTubes anymore. Takes forever to get to useful info.

  13. Extremely Amazing 😃 ITS REALY GOOD VIDEO

  14. Extremely Amazing 😃 ITS REALY GOOD VIDEO

  15. Extremely Amazing 😃 ITS REALY GOOD VIDEO

  16. Extremely Amazing 😃 ITS REALY GOOD VIDEO

  17. Extremely Amazing 😃 ITS REALY GOOD VIDEO

  18. Extremely Amazing 😃 ITS REALY GOOD VIDEO

  19. BTC will be lucky to break $10,000 buy years end. Way over hyped coin with limited real world value. Buy EOS, LTC, ICON, ZIL and VEN.

  20. Ppl are doing whatever they can to pump up btc. Now they’re getting desperate.


  22. Riiiggght…smh!!! June 2018

  23. Bitcoin still under 10K LMAO!!!!! We are way past May now… Maybe July? Or September? January? 2022?