Tuesday , September 25 2018
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Ethereum Smart Contracts


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  1. Lol u fell off HAHAHHAAH

  2. Damn i missed the live stream good to see you back Trevon…Check out POTJ here: https://potj.me/?masternode=0x4711b485be9179553e5df3b04684ef1f103d3fc7

  3. YAY, he's back doing videos 🙂

  4. welcome back, i enjoy your pov

  5. Scammer back in the business. You think enough time passed from your last scam to get back on the scamming wagon? Nah dawg, that shit was really bad, you're done. For good.

  6. Maaann.. bro tre…..if you go full legit green screen and all the works….bro a hilarious cripto prison skit would fly across the crypto world. I could Invision the whole 20 min set skit (inspired by oldschool Dave Chappelle style videos)

  7. Hi Tre! Welcome back. I am a little confused. I am not clear whether or not POTJ is "your" Smart Contract/project or someone else's?

  8. Glad to see you back.. Yeah Santa Clara was a high point for sure 🙂

  9. Your absence was noted. Glad you're back!

  10. But Trevon a "Suspended Sentence" means that you cannot commit crimes again!

  11. Bro welcome .always support. N don't worry about the idiots .keep doing wht you doing .

  12. That potj.me is sick, you roll gansta

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  14. Damn you are one ugly POS

  15. There a a big difference with rewards I get from POTJ AND cgnow
    though I have just about the same tokens. why? I have over 4 times reward from cgnow. https://potj.me/?masternode=0xb9f4daae515f61be0aac9314d7f46d16ce8ddb8a