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Why May 7th Is So Important For Ethereum. (BIG DECISION AHEAD)

Ethereum might moon on May 7th after a monumental choice shall be made by the SEC. This might change Ethereum’s total Trajectory in a giant means. Get pleasure from!

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  1. Whats your thoughts about Electronero, is it scam?
    LTC LdeJivLTvQ5HWSNZDfCJgBMyQpiURxhui8

  2. thanks king crypto and we are all hoping ethereum moon


  3. Did u invest in Proof of Craig Grant LOL?
    Ltc LRQhGgxSRoVJnGh8pHUaDRBVhZfN1h5w5q

  4. Glad to see your back man!

  5. Thanx for that info, gotta keep eyes on it.


  6. Keep it up man! Love ur vids! onbly real news no FUD or FOMO!

  7. Glad to have you back on a regular basis, always informative, thanks! Subscribed/notifications…
    Lan3ZFahGnUxhLvoqLqKkRHxhTNkA6f2KE the modern investor also did a good overview today on ETH and it's status come May 7th

  8. It is good to keep in mind that the U.S. is only 4% of the world's population.

  9. I have learnt something today thank you . MVQtL56BCmZ8w18btrtTDaDQVobZMjz8PD

  10. I subscribed, and liked of course! Love your channel, this space is really exiting! LTC: MQgHJ8JoLQSR1zWe6AqTqyhZsXkGpev5sa

  11. you really trust the us gvt not to take a slice of the pie? Dream on

  12. Just bought several ETH, but still new to the cryptocurrency world, kinda like a blind feeling his way. Hope can stumble the bull run by chance! Thanks for your wonderful insight! ETH: 0x8201C407455129B70B65942197cEB827cC2c5784

  13. I am going to hold through Monday. But for me it’s a close call. Take a look at the Howey Test. Ethereum looks like it passes. Why has Coinbase been exploring a license to trade securities? I think the answer is simple. They hear the footsteps of regulation coming. I have spent a LOT of time researching this and my conclusion is that the SEC can absolutely render the verdict that Ethereum and other ICOs are securities. If the crypto market behaves similar to the stock market, what I can say is the market believes that good news is coming. So .. I’m holding. I am afraid but I choose to hold

  14. this is real spooky for ethereum hope al goes well
    LiteCoin: Lb3GbwiA8a3EJE1DCmdTgpRxmvw9LdRsQD

  15. This is high level of insight. I never knew about the utility And security, matter of fact a lot of people dont. It's gonna go a long way on my investment strategy. Thank you. Waiting on the big decision for ethereum though…☺


  16. Good info. Thank you.

  17. I don't think the SEC will see it like that regardless of your analysis. Hopefully, I'm wrong but the tendency for the SEC to look at tokens and btc differently is at least good. They have said they want to define all utility tokens as securities. The SEC started splitting hairs when fining CA ICOs last month who had their coins listed as a utility but the SEC said they were in violation anyway. With ETH, thousands of people have businesses on ETH, btc is store value. Hope you're right…I just don't trust the American government and it doesn't matter anyway as long as no one responds.

  18. Not concerned about ETH becoming a Security. Worry that the SEC will conveniently conclude Howie was introduced too far back in 1913 causing ETH to require a modern category more "fitting." The cabal fears the decentralization of ETH and this would crush its development for a long time, cause huge bruising. It would then not interfere with business as usual by the centralized organizations like the bankers, all the middle men, Goldman Sachs, etc. They would then tank ETH swoop in when it's low and hoard. Like GS did with silver. ETH: 0x0aabbb67fcb804f809dd4a73ed5dd1572e3c9457

  19. Really nice 31jJYLoaNDMwCCRQRaRVDpLsn133nWDxMU

  20. may 7th.. i know why.. BUY DICE and put in ur wallet and get free Ether on May 7th.

  21. Do a review on Spectrecoin (XSPEC), best undervalued privacy coin. More private than zcash/dash. Think it will go from $0.50 to $5.00.
    That's 10x.
    Longer term, think it'll be $50. imo

  22. Your discord’s is loookin popppin! I trust your analysis’s!

  23. nice update

  24. Great video,keep it up!
    Ltc  LTGCi3CWchpyAGBR1GCCLxi1Dad6RkjqLq

  25. Nice video as always King!
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  26. Great Vid, subbed. LTC: LNfm6PenqNzmX4YCaJ1KYVJBffPWkQ3qPC

  27. Very informative stuff!! Monday will be very interesting indeed
    LTC: MEcVtSYqB5rv3xyywBErV6u9CMvbJHqGFV

  28. Thks for sharing ur thoughts on this subject. Personally i think- this SEC hearing on ETH will have a ''Deja Vu'' endx just like the SEC hearx on BTC of the 04/17/2018. Proofs – i] 2days prior to the hearx, ETH/BTC pair is witnesx an interestx run-up – very similar with the BTC hearx. ii] Whole cryptomarket capitalisation is ever increasing; above the 460B. Truth be told the Crypto REVOLUTION is dominated by MILLENIALS- 92% of which DO NOT TRUST CENTRALISED systems.
    LT= LU4MpyQrNq3qQFrxNpZ6VQMaxbyfMPLCuj

  29. I see that it will be considered a security

  30. If Ethereum is declare as a security the price will tank
    LTC: MBFsyre4zFvnCnAVENReCQsc5fVfuJd6N5

  31. is just a Big blah blah, no one can regulate this , because is DECENTRALIZED !!!!!!!!

  32. NEO? utility or security??

  33. my ears will be glued tot he news. What time will they be on? What time tomorrow will they be making the decision?

  34. Nice to see you back man! Since yesturday and still right now there has been a dump im ethereum, maybe ppl are scare and are going to bitcoin or fiat to secure their invertment. Ethereum has been doing really good for like a week, so i really think there will be a bearish time for ethereum these days, maybe no too big of a dip but we will see tomorrow. hope to see another of your videos soon, take care.


  35. There's no way the SEC is going to classify ETH as a security. Even still, it might be safest to look into investments where you'll still win even if there's a major crash. Trevon James created a new smart contract called Proof of Trevon James. (PoTJ). Both people benefit if you buy into it using someone else's masternode link.

    The contract is still in the 200s, and PoWH3D reached nearly 20k ETH before it started dipping. This will have insane traction.

  36. if ethereum queen dead all children coin gone

  37. tonight n tomorrow down down hill

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