Friday , February 22 2019
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$15,000 Ethereum In 2018, Goldman Sachs Gets In On Bitcoin And Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Roadmap

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  1. I bet etherium owners are sharting in their pants with the rise of EOS…haha

  2. No it will be $1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 tomorrow.

  3. Eth 15k? I don't think so as EOS will kick some ETH ass!

  4. Nervous laugh nervous laugh nervous laugh ??‍♂️

  5. There is enough money in the world for ETH and EOS and thousands of other blockchains to be successful. It doesn't matter which one is "#1" This type of talk in crypto is so childish.

  6. Fuck the Crypto Bank them fuckers will do that so they can create the same old system to steal and enslave the people.

  7. If we go full bubble then $5T market cap over the next couple years is plausible. I think it will be 1/3 bitcoin, 1/3 top dapp platform and 1/3 other. Starting to think that EOS may be that top platform though. If it is ethereum $15k is possible.

  8. There is no way Ethereum will ever hit $15,000.

  9. Best dosage of the day! Please What Podcast do you listen to Mr Modern Investor?

  10. A guy at a hedge fund said Ethereum will hit $15,000 this year. Gee, I wonder if he's invested in it

  11. Ethereum is a super massive MYSPACE and everyone is extremely unaware….

  12. That's like Bitcoin reaching $75000, not going to happen.

  13. Lol, these outrageous price predictions keep on getting more and more absurd. What's going to happen is that institutional traders are going to continue manipulating the market until retail investors lose all their money or get maximum investor exhaustion, then they'll buy up 75% or higher of the cheap crypto and prevent the space from truly reaching it's potential.

    The plutocracy demands that us average joes live in squalor and destitution. Crypto is a way to close the wealth gap; especially for folks in the United States. The global elites (Soros, Rockefellers) simply won't allow it.

    When we let in the big-time institutional investors (the same ones that fucked over the economy in 2008) we were effectively signing crypto's death certificate.

    Lock in your profits before the manipulation becomes truly impossible to avoid…

    However, if i'm wrong about all of this, I would suggest that everyone put at least 10-15% of their savings into crypto because it's going to explode over the next couple of years.

  14. There are trolls coming out of the woodwork attempting discredit EOS to save eth.. Won't work, EOS will do very well, buy all you can if you think it's right for you.

  15. Not happening, at least not this year

  16. This guy is high as a kite. $2500 would be a stretch.

  17. Hi, can you please give your opinion and prediction for Tron, seeing its launch date is nearing..!

  18. he corrected his statement he meant $1,500 which is almost a guarantee because the next run will be bigger, i'd say $1,900 by Sept

  19. LOVIT!! Bullish on EOS GOLEM NEO DiGiByte.

  20. $15k USD / ETH, incredible….

  21. seriously 15000? would be nice, but its not like there is an infinite supply of money in the world. Realistically it should probably go to 5000 this year if everything goes well and we have a 2 Trillion dollar market.

  22. Do you think the banks will create a monopoly on which coin can be used? Think destabilizing a country and it's currency.

  23. CRAZY stuff, but seriously look into FiNest Token. This is going to change the mortgage industry. A lot of great stuff going on at this company.

  24. 1 million transactions per second…? maybe per day?

  25. The fact that Goldman start to trade for its costumers means that they bring speculators long and short together, and I doubt if they will take positions in cryptocurrencies with their own money.
    One bird don't forecast the summer!
    BTW all cryptocurrency buyers are speculators with greed with no fundamentals.
    The BIG boys are playing with the many little speculators. LOL !!

  26. ExpertOption is a very nice website with all the tools you need for effective trading

  27. ExpertOption is a very nice website with all the tools you need for effective trading

  28. Most of you don't care about the use case of most of these crypto projects. This division about which coins are better is immature.

  29. If 15,000 What would the price of ethereum classic be ??????????

  30. Look at all the people big up EOS and now we are two months later – EOS failed!