Monday , November 18 2019
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Bitcoin Analysis | Ethereum Bull-Run Incoming? | NEO Technical Analysis

Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin Information At the moment: Bitcoin continues to be holding above the necessary $9k mark. The Ethereum value is definitely exhibiting us one thing very attention-grabbing, and NEO had a pleasant run just lately. So, on this video, I make some technical evaluation on Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEO. Additionally, The ST. Louis federal reserve bullish on Bitcoin? Not likely, however watch this video to seek out out extra!

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zero:33 Normal Crypto Market Analysis
three:14 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
eight:03 Ethereum Technical Analysis
11:47 NEO Technical Analysis
14:41 Bitcoin/Crypto Information

Louis Fed:

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    0:33 General Crypto-Market Analysis
    3:14 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
    8:03 Ethereum Technical Analysis
    11:47 NEO Technical Analysis
    14:41 Bitcoin/Crypto News

  2. Buy the dip, HODL, Moon, Lambo soon?

  3. hey carl can you please do a LTC TA. need your views on it. thanks for your videos.

  4. Not sure what you are looking at. Looks like a continued correction is coming….. A, B into a large C…

  5. And unbutton your top button you look like a HUGE DORK!!!!!!!

  6. Great video, I make crypto comedy videos so its hard to sit through other types of vids but this one was well put together. Keep up the good work!

  7. I feel like this bitcoin dominance is bottoming?! Also going sideways for a week now..

  8. Hello Carl. How are you!?
    I've seen some comments about Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. O believe ethereum will rocket to the moon very soon. O believe BCC Will survive in the market, but will loose his market power. Do you believe other BTC fork (BTC Gold) will survive ? And Etc!? In my opinion, hás been undervalued. Keep up with the good work. Really like your videos buddy

  9. Hiii Carl what about Ripple & Electroneum…?

  10. All this "bull market" nothing buy exchanges manipulation. It will go back to $6000 and below, volume is gone

  11. Mr Moon. Good Analysis. Would you comment on this chart pattern on BTC ?

  12. Few days ago every one was crazy about death cross, now that its officially a bear market where are the Aristotles of market?

  13. Ethereum 1111 % ☍ ➵ 😀

  14. Yo Hannibal lecter when will you get out jail men.

  15. notice how golden cross from 1H chart and longer. pay attention that first big move is on 30 min when averages are perfectly apart from each other. GReat work man!!!

  16. kan du inte säga vad du tänker om Ripples XRP, jag menar dom jobbar ju med bankerna. när banker är med så finns det pengar att tjäna! Jag följde med deutsche bank när dom var i kris o på låg nivå o hade rätt att den banken inte skulle gå under. tjänade bra på dem, nu har jag satt en del av pengarna på XRP funderar på bitcoin efter dina videos men tror det finns mer pengar att tjäna på XRP 😛
    gillar dina analyser 🙂

  17. Thanks for the good work.

  18. …if btc price get of the carl chanel…downwards…what is the result…?

  19. Somos un periódico digital que cubre toda la información referente a la tecnología Bitcoin, actualmente conocida como Blockchain.

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  20. There you go! ETH a run up for sure, but how will BTC compare… 🙂

  21. Thanks Carl as always!!
    I'm still no clear how you decide to comper an alt against btc and when against fiat.
    Do you sell alt to btc when the price in sathoshis is higher to get mors satoshis but when the price is lower in btc you sell your alt in fiat?
    For buying do you buy with btc when the price is lower in satoshis to get more altc, but if the price is cheaper in fiat do you use fiat?

  22. Ethereum has a lot of companies developing software on its platform which means potentially huge gains when these altcoins launch on the ethereum network

  23. Hi Carl, thanks for covering NEO. Would you stay in NEO if you had got in at these price levels? I understand from your video that at $86 you think the spike is likely to come, and the 50, 100, 200 moving averages indicate this could be the case. It's a great one to hodl and feels like it could drop or take off with no return. Interested to hear your thoughts

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  25. Do you know why ONT is going up so much; why so much volume there? Can't put my finger on it…