Monday , September 24 2018
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When Moon? Perhaps $40 Trillion Dollars / $2,500 Ethereum In 2019 / Golem Token On Binance

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  1. Ontology fan checking in. It's a wonderful time to be alive.

  2. Happy Birthday, Elle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. No harm in investing in other projects but for my long term hold, ETH is still #1.
    Better gains out their in the short term no doubt. But in general all of my short term profits are put back into ETH. I will continue to stack as much ETH for POS that i can. Nice video as always Crypt0!

  4. Whats your NEO price prediction?

  5. Omar is on his way to being a Billionaire! Congrats man! Remember you talking about how you bought ETH for under $1. Omar is the Crypto Boss!

  6. Alles gute zum Geburtstag Elle 🎂

  7. Hi Elle and a warm happy birthday. Omar, thx bro for the useful information. Great weekend to you all

  8. Pantera is the main investor of GIFTO, so not only BTC and ICX but actually many more tokens, check their website…

  9. Great content mate!! please review ZILLIQA, A true gem that will have a MASSIVE impact

    00:00 Introduction
    00:38 Market Overview
    01:19 Pantera Capitol CEO: $40 Trillion Market Cap
    03:03 $2,500 Ether In 2019
    04:16 Final thoughts

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  11. that GTA lifestyle 🙂 have a great day! Happy Birthday Elle, greetings from Berlin

  12. Next year some people are gonna look back and realize not only did they miss out on cheap Bitcoin and Ethereum but Eos too..

  13. Very nice vídeo! Short, informative and bullish. Liked it.

  14. I love your show, but I was pretending to pick your nose with my cursor the whole time. Kind of a hobby.


  16. 2,500 by end of year? Wow i hope this is wrong. Im mostly in litecoin and i think it will hit atleast 5,000 . So im thinking alot more for ethereum. Rem clif high thinks up to 20k per litecoin this year and alil more for ethereum. I don,t mean to sound like a jerk but im thinking you feel ethereum will be more to. It was 1,400 already just a few months ago.

  17. Uranus in Taurus, May 2018 – 2025 | Economic Revolution and change in pension and finance.

  18. Love the pool side chat!

  19. Superb feeling in the market at the mo. Keep the content coming buddy 🙂

  20. Lol ETH to 2500?? Watch ETH be classified as s security and get removed from all exchanges………

  21. Hade Platform. Hade Pay release 1 May, 75M token burn yesterday, and Partnerships announcement soon. Banca is another promising coin.

  22. The hard truth is Ethereum has more hacks and butthurt investors than any other chain… and it's not the end.

  23. get yourself ready. Get something now like BANCA that you can make 100x over a month to trade for ETH or BTC

  24. Really amped today! Lol…love ya brother, thanks for the video🕉✌🏻☯️🧘🏻‍♂️

  25. Happy Birthday Elle! Buy Omar a Speedo.

  26. That mic's gain is maybe too high? Seems like you're breaking all the tops of that sound wave, that's called clipping)

  27. still ignoring those volume charts on ethereum xD… eth is a dead man walking. EOS is a security waiting to be eaten by the SEC, low hanging fruit. 90% bitcoin hodl guys stop being poor newbs.

  28. EOS is the shit. It's the only token i own and I've been buying for the last 4 months so its been a good 30 days finally. Happy Birthday Elle

  29. Isn't Eth going to tank hard when EOS dumps it?

  30. Cardano FTW! PoS wins over PoW (old power hungry, will never globaly).


  32. your camera is fire dude!

  33. Do you recomand smal coin under 1 cent? What's your opinion aboute DOGECOIN?

  34. Anyone interested in, being that Dapps are the future of ICOs

  35. Thanks for the info. Do you have access to a promising project on the channel?