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Possible Future Ethereum Hard Fork, Goldman Sachs Enters Crypto And “How To Destroy Bitcoin”

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  1. Goldman Sachs did not hire a trader, they hired a manipulator. If they had to trade like the common person, they would occasionally lose. They NEVER lose because they don't trade, they manipulate. Don't give those criminals the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Would be nice if you did a video on request network and quantstamp.ty

  3. Now I bought 14etheram at 636 is it good or bad

  4. Lol , whats so cool about being 1st? Are you in 1st grade?

  5. love your videos, your so entertaining lol

  6. We are interested, have the conversation. We believe

  7. tell us your crazy conversation with your friend

  8. Thank you so much for this information.

  9. Did I mention I love you!!

    Always enjoy your podcast. It's something I do on the daily, and it's totally worth it! You cover a lot of different news topics that are relevant and important to the larger crypto community. Not just what I "What's the price? when Moon? when Moon?" videos.

    A persons gotta love "Next Up…". Thanks @ModernInvestor

  10. I’m illiterate so this helps me learn to read

  11. You are awesome bro. Thanks for taking your time and sharing this

  12. Hahaha Facebook takes over Crypto. I think block chain and some form of crypto will put Facebook in the past.

  13. NEO Smart Economy best Blockchain in Crypto. DBFT not forkable, ETHER will continue to be exposed.

  14. Like it or not, Ethereum and all others coins will be defined by their developers. If it splits the smart money will always follow the top brains. I bought in the pre-sell and I understand ETH is still in beta so I'm open to consider the idea of a rollback if and when there needs to be one. The choice to sit on our hands and pretend that there's is nothing anyone can do as a collective agency is still making a choice. The choice to fork or not fork (as it currently stands) is not baked in protocol, the product of some sort of irreversible code or A.I., it's a democratic human choice. Until the code itself can no longer actually support the idea of a fork, the potential for a hard fork will always be present no matter who's at the helm.

  15. The modern investor , hey man. Still watching every single one of your vids. I have a question for you. Something that just dawned on me once again..
    If institutional money flow in, doesn't that just increase trade volume, and thereby stabilize the markets? This way whales would comtrol the majority of the market and would be able to profit from a much lower volatility, while newbies like you and I would have to risk much higher amounts of money (even margin trade) for higher fees, and lower profit? While smaller fish would have little to no impact.. oh and my point was, prices won't matter that much in this scenario…

  16. Whatever the case blah blah blah!

  17. Ether BCH xrp ltc etc xlm dash zcash…

  18. This is, by a landslide victory, the best "Crypto News" channel on YouTube! Thanks for the frequent uploads my friend!

  19. Can’t apply the Howie test to Cryptos. Doesn’t work. This is a whole NEW CLASS of assets.

  20. Great video! Thanks a lot man for the videos you make. That MIT article is insane I hope we'll be rich way before any of that happens.

  21. All three scenarios I'm still rich

  22. I don't think I've ever heard something so dumb come out of an article from MIT… How do you write a paper about something is spill so much ignorance on the subject???

  23. Huge. I’m so excited by all the news coming out. We’re gonna look back when we’re at 2020 and be amazed how far we’ve come. That’s great about the no regulation though for now, gives us more of a chance to accumulate ?

  24. Watching all your vids, thx a lot.

  25. Everyone built on the wrong blockchain. Should have been ETC. Now I bet you EOS will take a lot away from Ethereum. If EOS has no bugs on it main net launch

  26. What the hell is PlusCoin it’s up 121,000%

  27. This is why Cardano taking its time especially with smart contracts is important. For mass adoption of a blockchain news like this doesn’t help..!!!!

  28. Best channel ever always delivering the most relevant and insightful content for us. Thank you Mr Modern & Wise Investor!! :)??

  29. Drama and FUD! I'll take that as a sign to buy! The Modern Investor is my first stop for the news of the day. Then my second and third! because you make a lot of video's:) keep up the great job!

  30. Why is it bad for a crypto to be a security?

  31. Etherum is such a fucking joke . .

  32. A fork? Good good, about damn time. We need something to mine

  33. hello friend, no doubt u delivers news perfectly but steel eagerus to know what programs/mic you to get this quality of Voice and screen recording, thanks beforehand.

  34. I accidentally killed it.