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Can Ethereum Be Bigger Than Bitcoin?

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  1. Which coin do You think will be Number 1 in 2020?

  2. It appears to be that you are absolutely clueless about EOS. The problems are already solved.

  3. Lol screaming at your computer lol ?

  4. EOS will likely move up to the No.4 coin if all goes well… then I don't know what will happen

  5. The Flippining is definitely possible. Ethereum is great, but Ripple or EOS can also take over that No.1 spot. Right now the market cap is $400b… when it was at $400b in December, bitcoin was $15k… today bitcoin is $8900… BTC dominance and its direct ties to all the alt coins is getting less and less and weaker and weaker. It's definitely a possibility in the near future… just look at how much things changes in just 5 months.

  6. Lol mining reward. Going to suck when that goes to zero.

  7. Zookie coin to the moon !!!!

  8. Does companies in the ethereum alliance have to stay with that platform? I mean, if they cant scale eth these comanies will drift towards eos zil adaelf and icx.

  9. IOTA, ETH, XRP all have potential to take top spot.

  10. Consensus 2018 bitcoin and ethereum !!!

  11. BTC will still be king.
    #2 ETH
    #3 OMG
    #4 XRP.

  12. Btc may fall from the top spot but it will ALWAYS remain the most valuable ?

  13. The flippenimg will definitely happen for 2 reasons. 1) No "king" last forever. There was a time dial up internet was king. Remember ""? How about the Sears catalog before Amazon? Or NASA before space x. Technology, usability and advancement will always prevail given enough time. 2) the harder btc is to mine the more centerlized it becomes where as POS guarantees decentralization indefinitely.

    The day will come when people prefer to use decentralized apps whenever able such as ride sharing and social media because their services will be cheaper, non-censored and without the corporate political bias we currently have to deal with. Ethereum my friends will be far bigger then Bitcoin or any corporation for that matter.

  14. @ethereum_security_bot
    I check the safety of my ethereum-wallet here. Useful telegram-bot.

  15. Im fully aware eth is better than bitcoin but fuck that I support btc to remain King

  16. FYI, casper EIP was published the other day.

  17. Ether,OmiseGo and Ripple's XRP are going to be ??

  18. After seeing those gigantic companies name there is no doubt and top of that russian banks and govt. collaborating with ETH

  19. EOS will flip Ethereum first… BTC will ALWAYS be King because it is the only TRULY decentralised coin and no other coin will ever likely be made that way again because people are greedy! Ethereum is scammy as fuck, they can roll back the block chain, print their own tokens (like most projects) and centrally controlled. XRP isn't even a crypto so they don't count! Platforms have their place in this space but they shouldn't even be called coins, utility tokens yes but not a currency in the ''money'' sense loike BTC or LTC.

  20. Eos will take over, ripple might aswell depending on when xrp will get big adoption. Then agaib zilliqa/cardano might overtake other platforms if theres gonna be security issues with eos at some point. Can see neo/icon in top 3 aswell. Btc would be 6th -8th then 😮

  21. Ethereum is housing a bunch of vaporware… cryptokitties, really? Not sustainable.

  22. Nano outpaces everything rn – but eth should flip with btc, but btc just has such a grasp on the industry. the layman STILL refers to the whole industry as bitcoin and not crypto. the name power alone keeps btc afloat.

  23. Like i said ETH Flip BTC LMAO, come on noobs, eth is a platform, BTC is a currency. You all know this and this is why it will never happen.

  24. I give it max 5 minutes until Zukicoin becomes reality.

  25. Im in usa is it true i cant buy EOS?!

  26. I cant wait till Bitcoin is dethroned!

  27. I earned over 3k usd last month on ExpertOption, and this month I will even more!

  28. No one will be king forever… will someone one day be named the king of pop over MJ