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Ethereum Leading The Way! When To Buy Back In, Gemini OTC, Building Frameworks, Novogratz – Ep179

We’re seeing some indicators of Ethereum night out – will it pop again up? Plus an necessary reminder on easy methods to view any purchase backs with altcoins.


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  1. Pro money does not lose money. That's all people need to understand lol.

  2. what's the best place to do OTC

  3. Always thoughtful and insightful. Thank-you, Carter.

  4. Really great episode. Thanks!!

  5. видео просмотрел и все там увидил

  6. 25,000 people stocking up on NEO for NEX ico. Lottery whitelist results announcement coincided with the pump.

  7. more demand = MOOOOOONNNN….get ya kids get ya wife….get errybody into crypto i got many bags i need to dump

  8. A week or so ago the coins pumped 20-40% and was rallying for a week, then it dumped. This is why many people are no longer looking for any bullish confirmation. It seems like the 2014 bear trend and people are trying to partake in short rallies that eventually die off.

  9. how do you know it's a confirmed bull trend vs a bull trap? Ex: didn't you say 2/8/18 at $6000 was a reversal? If you wait to long you will miss out on the gains.

  10. Buying OTC, selling on the market…

  11. NEO price was driven by rumor of listing on Huobi.

  12. Question: What is the best way to accept payment in cryptocurrency? I am an artist and was considering adding a cypto payment option on my website. Also, what are the pros and cons of doing this at this stage of the game? I am new to crypto, so I am trying to get as much information as possible. Super interesting. Anyone know?

  13. thanks for the update! question: how do you know when a reversal has happened?

  14. I'm no expert but that chart looks identical to the dot com bubble chart

  15. I'm using FirstMillionRoad for daily income


  17. Carter you over complicate everything, simplicity – idiot proof every move I suggest i.e. BUY LOW SELL HIGH simples
    btw nothing wrong with the art of paying the least, train yourself it works, I know F ing revolutionary

  18. Put your hands down it's distracting

  19. agreed, why I am I so bothered about the bottom. I sold at 17k knowing the top was close… I bought back at 12k, but hey…. can't win them all. Nice video

  20. what are some of your favorite framework projects at the moment?

  21. Anyone heard of choon? Been looking to invest in an ICO… thoughts appreciated!