Friday , April 19 2019
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Is This A GREAT Time To Buy Ethereum?

The cryptocurrency market continues to fall as Bitcoin drops beneath $7k. Ethereum dances alongside a robust help line. Is this the most effective occasions to purchase Ethereum because it’s bull run?


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  1. How did you learn market analysis?

  2. HI B – great show like always! I think ETH is probably going down to the $260-280 range. It's at $376 now, already past that $400 support level. Take a look at the Volume Profile indicator (volume and price level bars will show up on the right side of the chart). I'll definitely buy at those prices, or if it bounces up with volume from current price. Keep up the awesome informative work!

  3. i say no…..EMA is still all the wrong way up on the daily and weekly charts by a long way….might be a small bounce but the way i see it we're down until at least the end of may….and then we still need to see confirming candles to let us know things have really turned around…

    best bet now is to read the charts and find altcoins that are going to climb or if you don't know how to read charts properly then bail out to fiat or tether if you trust it….there's no point trading into a coin that's going to move sideways for weeks when there's money to be made elsewhere

  4. I'll grab some ETH soon and just sit on it, I mainly just use Etherium to buy my alt coins.

  5. It's all about ETH at the moment for sure. I bought my first position at $385 noticing this important level and have limit buys down to $285. I'm not tapping out on stop losses. It could go lower but with news of USD pairs (reducing Bitcoin dominance) and Coinbase supporting ERC20 it's obvious this will have a strong recovery, possibly even keep up with BTC.

  6. The green means Altcoins want to be independent from Bitcoin

  7. You gonna see a $200 ETHERIUM

  8. More and more projects are moving their erc20 token onto a mainnet and or they are building or planning to build up on the plethora of other dapp platforms (lisk, cardano, qtum, neo, neblio, elastos, ardor, ubiq etc . . . ) eth will not remain on top for dapps

  9. I tried buying a full bitcoin last night using my normal entry, coinbase doesn't support Hawaii. So I use Changlly. I have never had any issues changing fiat into btc before, ever. Now both Visa and Mastercard are blocking All crypto purchases, and I feel that's bullsh$t. I called and complained, asking how they can tell me what to spend my money on. The operator just said it's new policy that just happened in Feburary. So I'm not sure if coinbase is flagged, maybe our community can comment on that, but that could be a huge reason we are no seeing any rebounds. It's hard enough getting into crypto with a credit card, now it's that much more difficult. Obviously the banks and credit card companies feel threatened because they know that WHEN crypto takes off, they are going to lose money, big time. The rich bankers do not want to lose their cush lifestyles. That being said, I was still able to get about $2500 in using a couple sources that must not be red flagged by the cc companies yet.
    Lmk if anyone else is having the same problem and how you plan on entering the market. I'm trying to get a meeting with the Senate committee chairman for finance here in Hawaii. 2 days ago he mentioned to my friend that they have already been discussing the crypto market and are open to public input. These guys need our input. We need them to tell the banks and cc card companies to not censor the publics personal spending choices, that's not their job and it might not be legal for them to tell you what you can and cannot buy.
    Happy aloha Friday, and keep you chin up

  10. What's your opinion on ethereum classic with the Callisto enhancement becoming a contender possibly as a good Buy in place of etherium

  11. where did you get the link for the chart?

  12. I got a problem…. there are to much interesting coins!

  13. According to my chart, ETH bottom seems to be around $340, I bought a lot at $380 and I don't expect it to go much lower than that but we'll see. Absolute lowest I can see is $280 which would be amazing.

  14. no more ICO ETHER must go down RIP


  16. Like I mentioned on one of your videos before. Since the rumor came out about coinbase accepting ERC20 tokens. Most of the ethereum based tokens are up on the green. Especially EOS which I think could end up in coinbase?

  17. Tooooooooday B ur the best crypto you tuber ?

  18. You should talk about some new projects like TZero, Polymath, Zeex and other new projects.

  19. I am looking forward every time. Please attach a translation function. Please.

  20. ncash icx btc TRIPLE THREAT LETS GO TO MOON

  21. Eos and Neo will top Eth this year. Everyone left in the market are the mature ones who are staying away from the platform that scams were built on.

  22. Dropped the ball that prediction B. I took a loss of 6% and it hasn't done much except go up a little.

  23. BAT/BTC is for nowwww !!!

  24. What program is this that you use brotha for the candlestick data?

  25. Just an advice. Only buy ether or Neo only when you guys see the shorties stop shorting crypto market with such strong convictions if not you will see your money trapped in the highs again…

  26. Market is going to crash entirely! Better sell everything!

  27. Send ethereum please just starting to get into cryptocurrencies


  28. Lol dude no eth will go down more, ever heard of eth having rent fees?? What a joke! I guess graph analysis will always be one step behind. I think its better to watch out for news instead of looking at useless graphs.

  29. OptiToken ICO is officially open now. Price pegged to ETH=€385 and BTC=€6740 which is a great way to rewind time a bit and hedge in this market

  30. There is no scaling solution……