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Bitmain Ethereum F3 ASIC goes FULL RETARD!!

Rumors are swirling by the cryptocurrency market with regard to a brand new ASIC mining rig from Bitmain, constructed particularly for Ethereum mining. It is going to be nothing greater than CRYPTO AIDS!


Information :

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  1. These will go nicely with my X3 miners… 🙂

  2. When bitmain goes full retart, Cliff goes full restart…. never fear when Cliff is near. 😉

  3. you went full ASIC man, never go full ASIC.

  4. I agree cliff… But what about new miners like me (from january 2018)… We see thins really dark at this moment… Any advise…regards…

  5. Kind of wondering if this "asic" debate will help Vitalik and the crew push towards POS for the ETH blockchain. If that is the case I am also curious if now is getting to be close to a great entry point for ETH to hit the wallet? If it goes POS I would assume the price would potentially go up as more people try to get ETH with out being able to mine it. What is your opinion @Cliff on crypto?

  6. Thx my friend .. excited as well about the future! If u in New York hit Kindcrypto up n u r welcome to come chill ! All will be well ! On the mining front. We need to accept the ASICS will be the future. With Samsung and a huge list of other powerful giants the machines will be the only way .. it’s about being ahead of the curveball.. been mining ASICS successful for 4 years miss .. I think the competition is needed n will finally bring it to masses n help decentralize in the future .. we need time for technology/ chips / etc to catch up with all from Cost n more ..etc. but we can’t keep forking when a new competitor or machine pops up. ??? That is not a healthy business matter and may show huge community .. it just doesn’t seem safe and decentralized when u r making decisions such as a fork on the release of an Asic or other like Machines (keeping in mind Baikal and others are not actually ASICS so some faster Machines r kinda similar to gpu/cpu and can be updated and changed especially moving into future when they r not as specific as they currently are ! Technology is the growth we need. .. many do not like this road. But imo it is a necessary road needed to be traveled by manufacturers and miners .. in the way to whatever the future has for us ! ??


    Good luck all

    Do not stress currently… please do yourselves a favor and hold ! U will come out of this more educated and you will see your investment explode .. these cycles do happen and this was needed and forced after we took on massive adoption by such controlled future trading – (of course not 100% reason. But huge) …
    but yes us og ‘z we been through before and yes I wish I had extra fiat currently to buy like crazy !

    If u can. (I wish I could right now )

    Time to buy. Now till mid May ..

    Hold of u have bags of goodies ! N most good projects are gr8 to have . And you will be excited as the summer starts !
    The new cycle is coming ..

    Be prepared
    Don’t be stressed


  7. Don't like these cut scene clips :/

  8. Thanks for the reassurance. Pounding that like button!

  9. This guy is a scammer etherum just decreased by like 350 $ and he is way to calm

  10. Ethash ASICS will be a good thing, don't know why everyone is against it.
    More hashpower means stronger and more secure network, that's what pow is all about.
    Worked out for BTC, LTC, DASH…why wouldn't it work out for ETH,ETC….

  11. quit liying its never about the tech id be trying to build UFOs if that was the case

  12. f -for fail
    3 – for third time no strike
    do not go with the bit-main…..
    let the games begin
    asic is a bustered algo son
    should be kicked from the miners house of crypto

  13. Mining has nothing to do with price. The proof is that non-mined coins rise and fall with mined coins.

  14. I m done with crypto currencies and moving on with my business

  15. Great video bro 💪🏽

  16. Hmmmm. Isn't eth going to pos sometime soon. Would make since for bitmain to unload before this happens. Monero will be forked fluffy pony!

  17. earlier reports had a much higher hashrate for the ASICs… and if we let bitmain in the door this time, they will do it again and next time will be much worse… GO TO GITHUB AND VOTE FOR AN ALGO CHANGE!

  18. ASICS are not bad, they increase and stabilize the coin's network hash rate, instead of gpu miners jump from coin to coin. The bad thing is centralization. You don't want a majority of the hashing power going to a few. Thus Bitmain is the problem, moreover a lack of diversified companies making and selling mining equipment. Bitmain has a monopoly on ASICs and will continue to 'asic' each algo unless/until someone else engineers something.

  19. What is the song you use for your intro? Its quite nice chilling music lol

  20. а у америкосов 1 апреля тоже есть?

  21. What is the name of the outro song? nice video

  22. bitmain is fuking sccamm they can mine whit your asics

  23. Two questions. 1. Can the F3 Antminer mine Ethereum Classic? 2. If you can mine ETC with the F3 will that be affected if Ethereum forks? Thanks.

  24. Sale of the GRAM tokens will be available all over the world. Everyone will be able to participate in this promising ICO.

  25. 800 watt 170 MH lolol. Get 200 MH with my 1060's at 660 watt 🙂

  26. … l am seeking investors. "You can't even play solitaire on them" My mom is out t t t. Shi7… Anyone?