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Since time immemorial, man has always been fascinated by what tomorrow will bring, and why not? The world moves at an ever-increasing speed. Information they say is the new oil, as data when properly used has been proven to be the generator of hundreds of billions of dollars for companies all over the world. With the aid of the internet, we now have a limitless stream of information every second, but often than not, we as individuals and even companies don’t find such gush of info coming in to be any useful. At present, small business owners and even large companies like everyone else is bombarded with a never-ending stream of data, especially from the gargantuan and insatiable social networks which tend to set the tone for any almost any future event in the modern world

For any business to thrive, it needs to have the not only access to raw data for future trends in order to get ready for them but also the proper tools to put that data to use for its own benefits. Beyond business and creating new products, almost every known facet of life requires such accurate predictive data in order to be at the top of its game. From solving crimes (or predicting possibilities of it) to betting or futures investment, or even testing the mood of the voting populace in order to tamper one’s message in order to be received by them, data has never been more crucial at any time in history than it is now. But sadly, the access of this kind of data has been the exclusive forte of a very privileged few.

The Sentigraph Solution
Sentigraph is a blockchain based startup that seeks to redefine our very idea of data and the way we use it. Sentigraph is a platform that is about to shake things up and disrupt this very crucial area of life, by empowering virtually everyone to have seamless access to the most accurate predictive data on ANYTHING, as such, bring the future ever closer to the world. Sentigraph is a platform whose developers know the critical need for the right kind of data, that is why they chose the ever disruptive and revolutionary blockchain technology to bridge the gap that has so far made access or use of this industry beyond the reach of most that need it. Sentigraph is a platform that with the aid of cutting-edge AI-powered machines can accurately predict trends or inform its user of the present mood or future possible swings on any matter of interest.

A Platform For Everyone, and Everything

Sentigraph is a platform that does not restrict itself w=to the service of big business like other platforms. Sentigraph has its services easily scalable and customizable for any need, or level of engagement. Sentigraph with the aid of the blockchain technology demystifies the very industry, whose access so far has been just too expensive or too cumbersome for small business owners or individuals to use without breaking the bank. If the user’s wish is to predict what kind of bikini they need to stock up on at their Shopify store, Sentigraph scans all over social media and Twitter to be more precise in order to get an actual feel of what the people are currently hyping, and provide the user with pinpoint accurate data they can actually use.

If you are an online gamer, a politician, a city trying to fight crime, or a smart investor on futures and securities, Sentigraph has its services tailored for the use of everyone, and on virtually everything. If it has a future, the Sentigraph is the go-to platform to accurately tell what that future might be, its shape, form and likely impact. Sentigraph is the platform that makes the future visible for its users, even before it comes.

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