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In cryptocurrency exchanges, smaller-sized enterprises and retail clients join in a common dissatisfaction whenever they need to interact with middlemen corporations such as banks, brokers or anchors to make the currency exchanges at the expense of costly fees or commissions. They must seek for cheaper alternatives, but the often do not find any reliable option.

This is the problem Xfermoney aspires to tackle in the most innovative way. This platform sets its foundations on transparency and instant service delivery, two aspects not often found in currency exchanges. Their process consists of Peer-to-Peer international money transfers using the Ethereum Blockchain and its uniqueness relies on the easiness but still security in which operates, so users of this platform from all around the world can perfectly establish contact and make a currency exchange, where in other cases you would have to add more hours to the process by contacting an anchor or a small intermediary which will also establish a commission or fee for its obligatory service.

Ultimately, this process aims entirely to the user, who will surely use a platform who assures them almost zero cost transfers, safety, and total freedom for changing fiat or crypto money to the desired in a matter of minutes. Xfermoney is a new democratic alternative within the currency exchange world where negotiation occurs without any geopolitical boundary. Users from all around the world will benefit from this freedom thanks to the virtual platform plus a physical representative coming in the shape of a multicurrency credit card which could make life easier for travelers.

The Team

To speed-up their developing process. Xfermoney doing an ICO. It is indeed a chance to include the community into development and a participation that will surely be rewarded when this platform is completed. Both investor and platform will obtain revenue from the growth of XFM Token in the close future.

Indeed, Xfermoney appears to be a unique and new democratic way to see and make currency exchanges. They are sitll in start-up stage, but what they intend to give is definitely promising and worth paying close attention.




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