Thursday , April 18 2019
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Bitcoin The One World Currency, Ethereum And Stellar Side By Side And G20 Crypto Regulation

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  1. Having 1 world currency is very very bad. We should be moving to crypto but there must not only be 1.

  2. What kind of unwelcome regulations do you think governments might impose in a few year's time?

  3. Love having your videos in my feed

  4. Dorsey is a cuck and has vested interests in Bitcoin. #xrpthestandard

  5. You really need to talk faster..9 minutes is too long for a video

  6. Bro can you comment as to why or why XRP is now included on coinmarketcap ? next to ltc,btc and bch

  7. BlockV will be the currency of the future! Vatomic app

  8. All the government wants to do, always, is figure out a way to tax you. That's all they are "good" for.

  9. In the next few years, if the bitcoin will be used only partially as an alternative reserve to gold, it will be very difficult to have one: 21 million bitcoins for 7 billion people. Personal opinion

  10. Any word on Casper? Plasma?

  11. You are right… strong statement and I have a feeling they know that BTC has a good shot at being quite valuable in the next few years. But, I can't see it being the only digital currency. There are many different use cases for coins. Maybe BTC will be able to retain the "benchmark" valuation. Who knows? No one.

  12. Yes..its going to be Cardano!

  13. Social Media platforms are only stopping crypto ads to avoid being sued. FTC clearly states that a website can be held accountable for hosting ads of fraudulent financial products. Only a matter of time before the victims of ico scams decided to sue Facebook

  14. I said this long before Jack Dorsey… I'm just not Jack Dorsey

  15. Can't believe they haven't figured it out yet. People, when someone says something will be big, they probably own a lot of it and want you to buy it at higher prices so they can sell it to you and leave. Same story every month.

  16. Nah I think it’s ripple and not bitcoin ???

  17. If that’s a hint then bitcoin will be the only Cryptocurrency

    And Xrp will be the boss of digital asset.

  18. People are more concerned about the pace he talks at rather than the content he provides. Smfh…

  19. Better keep some Bitcoin folks! As the modern investor would say: rich people signal rich people this way

  20. I think a lot of these projects won't announce they are moving over until EOS actually launches.

  21. Hi can you able to give your review on hedge coin. It’s something like BitConnect but it’s registered public company in Australia. Thanks

  22. Great video about cryptocurrencies! It will definitely be here to stay in the long term. By the way, what are your thoughts about Peculium?

  23. I think EVENTUALLY YES , BITCOIN think BITCOIN 3.0 , a new start for humanity all debt gets erased , and a one world currency will be created these government debts are unsustainable the USSA with a quarter of a quadrillion in debt the rest of the world is no better off , it's time for a change it's time for the MIGHTY BITCOIN .

    Having a digital currency will all but eliminate crime and poverty .