Friday , January 18 2019


At present we talk about the present cryptocurrency market and analysts predictions relating to this cryptocurrency market. We’ve been in a bear marketplace for some time and in keeping with analysts that is virtually over.

We will seen ripple xrp, bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum leaping in worth by 2% previously 24 hours and this might proceed nonetheless be sure to watch this video til the tip for recommendation.

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  1. Its "a grain of salt"👍

  2. you've been gone for awhile Guru

  3. The way I see it is everything's a gamble. Put the money in you can afford to lose.

  4. Zaid❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  5. Risk management baby…..

  6. Only invest what you can afford to loose

  7. which broker are you using for crypto ?

  8. yes yes yes yes is over trust me people trust me i know is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bull is here !! trust me i know i cant tell you but is coming may is the big month!!!

  9. I can't take advice from someone less intelligent than me. 🙁

  10. Hi thanks for the vid. I am looking to sell some of my bitcoin soon how high do you think it will get up to in this bull run?

  11. Wo,wo,wo……… the man Zaid

  12. Zaid crypto =$$$$$$$$$$$$

  13. Love it!!! Keep doing a fantastic job!!!!

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  15. Give me a wink next vid, please. 😉

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  17. Bear market is not over !!!!!

  18. Here's some step by step guides to setting up wallets and buying cryptocurrencies:

  19. Get into Dapps, Lots of new money coming into these, It is the future!! A lot of cool games, just do your research and figure out how they work.
    My favs right now This is a very simple cool community game, as people buy the "stocks" price goes up and 10% of buys and sells goes to share holders as dividends. The old site still has better functionality in some ways so here is that-
    As long as you follow the "pump stocks" it can make you nice returns, the community is really looking for a long term game that will be bigger than cryptokitties so the risk at this time is very minimal imo. This game only goes live once a week on Sundays it is pretty fun, I recommend watching it one week to see how it's done. This looks cool, have to watch it more closely as it's still almost 2 weeks from launching.

  20. Bull market is back. Is it bollox.

  21. The bull run is here but always look at the long term when looking at any investment the time frame for say the crypto market is far shorter than say the stock market but the principle is the same long term is what you must always look at. Keep up the good work mate

  22. bear markets over! WERE MOONING!!!!!