Tuesday , July 16 2019
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Daily: Ethereum Defeats Bank of America ???

Bank of America is dealing with a fast alternative of their providers by Blockchain know-how.
zero:45 Market Evaluation
1:16 Bank Of America is feeling the crypto sting
three:09 Turkey, Iran To Launch State-Backed
three:43 Ethereum’s EIP 867 battle
four:48 Gaming Big Ubisoft is Exploring Blockchain Know-how

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  1. cryptos will disrupt the banking and finance industry for sure and they cant make that go away anymore.

  2. How much is a BITCOIN in INDIA

  3. I learn as I go Chino is like instuctional notifications jus start popping up in my head hey I've witness accuracy

  4. Quantum technology will blow up blockchain in 5 – 10 years

  5. My top 5 coins. What do you think of them?
    1. ICX
    2. NEO
    3. WTC
    4. BNB
    5. WTC

    BTC anyway! 😉

  6. Definitely will disrupt banks, their role as intermediaries is now defunct. The peer to peer economy is what is building now & their relevance has evaporated.. Literally overnight. Michael would like to do an interview with you on our new platform that will implement this into the market… Ari 🙂

  7. You seem like a very responsible and decent human being.

  8. I think Banks are definetly scared shitless of crypto, but for a bank person to show vulnerability is interesting to see.

  9. And nobody talked about Crytek making crypto coin, CryCash, about 1 month ago or so.

  10. Hey Michael. What do you think about Zebi ICO?

  11. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't done Komodo yet

  12. Nice totally agree it sucks to have eth stolen like the Gatecoin hack! How would u feel (seems like an inside job) to b out 11000 eth?

  13. Love the short informative format. Keep it up !

  14. Notice that the companies issuing state-backed cryptos are those not represented by the western central banking cartel.

  15. haven't seen your videos in my sub box in a while. . :/

  16. Hopefully Ubisoft is hinting at adopting Enjin Coin rather than pouring millions of dollars into developing their own blockchain product.


  17. Please link to your articles in the description

  18. Didn't turkey say crypto is not apply to muslim law and therefore its citizens should not use it?
    well money I guess

  19. Evolution fact: That ones that adapt survive.

  20. Hey Boxmining! Want to hear your thoughts on Elastos!

  21. Hey guys, I want to give away another 5000 ETH.

    Rules: Send 0.3-0.7 ETH to the below address and you will recieve 3-7 ETH to the address you used in the transaction.

    ETH address:

  22. What is this. Sometimes the titles are misleading

  23. love the short vids. keep up the good work.

  24. Hi micheal, the biggest most selling game ever was Myst and Riven!! Just a tid bit. Wanted to know if you've played them.? I think they turned into Ubisoft right after.

  25. Good, fuck too big to fail banks.

  26. if the community agrees, then corrections should happen. its called consensus