Monday , June 17 2019
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Ethereum Classic Jumps With Callisto, Venezuela Pre-Sale Tomorrow And Bitcoin Finds Price Support

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  1. Hello .. is ledger nano supporting ETC hardfork?..should I continue keeping it in hardware wallet or move to exchange please advice

  2. Fuck what US think, try to go after any country that don’t want to go by their rules.

  3. It's a lite news day 2day cause..the FUD pushers aka fake news..are off for president day

  4. Respect the Plug!! BTC. World GDP by 2020. Respect the MFn Plug!!!! BTC. More geopolitical to come to the moooooon, block chain technology!!!!!!

  5. "It's kinda weird that they'd be able to say that another country can't do something."
    US foreign policy much? 😀

  6. A state crypto is the very opposite of decentralization. Simply just a money grab

  7. No omisego update from Thai news?

  8. The U.S evil empire is totally responsible for the kaos and destruction that Venezuela is currently experiencing. This move is an excellent move by the president of Venezuela. As everyone should know it's the fiat monetary system that they used to put "Sanctions" if you don't follow U.S. policy. The crypto world will change this and this is good for the planet. The U.S. has no say in what Venezuela decides to do, period!!

  9. ETC isn't a fork; it is the original Ethereum chain.

  10. Venezuela is the worlds current worst money manager. i caution anyone participating in their ICO.

  11. Would the jaxx wallet work to hold ETC through the fork on March 5 to get the free coins. Thanks

  12. No information on where you sign up the ico for the petro noting on their website. Can you advise how you take part in the ico?

  13. Dead Man walking.
    Saddam Hussein was killed because he was going to sell oil through the Euro. Muammar Gaddafi was killed because he was going to sell oil through a new African dinar made of gold and silver. The only thing that could save him at this point is that oil is sold through the US dollar after they trade their Venezuelan crypto.

  14. Always with the quality videos my friend ?

  15. Venezuela crypto currency would be tied to oil guarenteed the USA don't let that shit fly. It would be hurting the petro dollar.

  16. Any insight about how or where we can check about which block are we on each crypto?

  17. HODL that coin fellas! 🙂

  18. I am a Venezuelan living in the states. According to the Venezuelan law its not legal to back petro with the oil of the people of venezuela. Another very interesting point is that Venezuelans are not even allowed to buy petro with bolivares (our currency) so this seems more like a fund raising for the government to try to stop the economic free fall it is experiencing.